A family, set down these nine rules, children will be promising

Good habits and good character are the wealth of children’s life.- | KaiShu author Julie raising a child, in fact, the field practice.Unfortunately, many parents often walk into a mistake, that is, pay too much attention to children’s study, but laissez-faire to children’s moral cultivation.Little do they know that children’s vision, character, habits, aspirations, etc., is far more important than learning and scores.Grades are just a by-product of doing these things well.A father agreed to his child under the following 9 rules, to help children from real life, a little bit to develop good habits and excellent character, worth all parents learn from.01 to do things, leave room 02 boy must learn to control their own power 03 girls fear or prejudice 04 selectively dating 05 love yourself first, and then help others 06, remember, people are can have “the ritual” the old 07 everywhere 08 beg all people like you don’t have to be perfect not to 09 want to do, action is written on the back:There’s a scene in “Stand by Me With Tinker Bell” where Nobita grows up and Tinker Bell is leaving.Nobita cried, “Why did you leave me?””There are some roads you have to walk alone,” Replied Tinker Bell.The same is true of raising children.No matter how much parents love their children, they can’t protect their children forever.Some road, must want the child to walk alone.The best thing a good parent can do is to cultivate their children’s habits and conduct as early as possible, and to give them strength and wisdom to walk in the world.Is the so-called, the parents of the son, is far-reaching.By Julie.The copyright belongs to the original author.If you have any copyright problems, please contact us at tougao@ksjgs.com.If you like today’s article, “Parent-child” magazine introduces the national Excellent children’s periodicals recommended by the National Press and Publication Administration, the 20-year quality assurance of parent-child magazine official Douyin number source: Kai Shu story telling editor: Deng Shanshan Review: Li Shan, Zeng Yang

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