Linchuan mousse poetry | disappointed if you can dream, to the world as jie

Life is like a Dream Music: Yalin – When love has become an empty word/What is the limit of the journey of Linchuan Musi.High building setting sun full of tears.To the language of the west wind hun unlike, hometown late flowering.Spring dream is the end of fantasy.But strange, the old relationship is still short.Long farewell, deep night wind shadow, who remember fangfei wish?Linchuan mussi to the evening cold cicada sad.Diameter somersault tung leaves.Who according to the plum blossom three lane song, complaints pole string can say.There is no rest in the thread.And several degrees, jade pot knock lack.Hate not to teach, dream thousands of miles, into clouds and the moon.Linchuan Musi jade pipe warm spring reeds.Scattered snow and sand.Acacia night cold window, nai Qingqing, water across the cloud cover.Still small stick gold mud, sad shuying cross.Jade pad empty from memory time.Nowhere to see.Setting sun ancient road pinglan, can be forbidden, how many degrees of flying flowers?Melancholy floating life if dream, heavy world worthy of contempt.The night is deep and the old dream is not found.Striking over the difficult word, broken spoony, more pay harp.Bright moon window empty, breeze bamboo bank sad chant.Ten years trace ten years heart, do not forget Qingjin.Feeling long edge short wind scattered, sigh, wild goose far fish sink.But the jun poem carefully, fragrance has full qing jin.Words/Linchuan Musi strangers on the dust shirt cold shallow.Wan wan to the sunset.Zhenghong write sorrow, dream by feeling far.Year after year.Clear water head, afraid to listen to the pipe.When can be about to come again, grass like cut.Words/Linchuan Muse tired travel tianya Yin bitter.Dark send many cold and heat.Empty court lonely late autumn, one injury late evening.Clouds fly away and water passes away.And dark add, countless hair.Chang ‘an Weishui since more sorrow, listen to the night language you.Crossing the river clouds (Zhou Bangyan spectrum) words/Linchuan Muse time such as passing water, practice wave sent far, thousands of miles to endure gaze?Hope long days desolate, broken goose without, ran under the Ting Chau.Pingshan shading, sigh love, who give up who receive.A leaf boat, carrying from hate, pay water east flow.According to the floor.Heart an inch, wisp of love, spoil the world don’t for a long time.Recall that time, Xiangjian Jin word, flower month spring and autumn.Human long hate parting, bi yun, blue birds up and down.The festival is near, how to eliminate so idle sorrow.Congratulations bridegroom (Ye Mengde spectrum) words/Linchuan Musi qingqi feiqiongguan.Full fang dike, guan Guan Warbler language, such as clear cut.Smoke convergence spring forest remote mountain small, just like dai mei shallow.Strike place, light cold light warm.Counting the years, the lake was on the road, embracing spring and ascending everywhere hand in hand.Peach leaf cross, apricot garden.The new geese are in a mess.Old people go, sound book without, Huaxu see again.Still east wall corridor, not language rouchang first broken.More concurrently that, fei Hua lane late.Day to affectionate such as Xiaoqian, dream and soul, dark by lang Xingyuan.This is my wish.A cluster of flowers (Su Shi’s notation) words/Linchuan Mussi New Year approaching less clear.Still feeling lost.People say spring is common, early change, old mood.Thousands of wind and rain, vicissitudes of life several degrees, where to find the sound of flute.Willing to learn from the world.Looking back, I feel sad.The window calendar urges cold and heat, ink traces, silent cold moon.Word pen affection, plain paper meaning, clear rhyme broken sad city.And sit to order (Hanyu spectrum) words/Linchuan mu think of spring wan late.Stranger warbler sound chaos.A broken cloud after a rainy day brings endless love.And tear plantain rolls.Leaves on the poem, mei lag wine, sorrow more wine shallow.The guest house, plain problems.In the lamp, remember first sight.Life often flies like a swallow.At first they gather, and then they whirl and scatter.Falling flowers and flowing water make the sky long.Lonely Creek bridge.Linchuan Musi, shaanxi Hanzhong people, like poetry, hope to learn with like-minded friends, with a simple pen, write a graceful fleeting time, spend a hundred years floating world qinghuan.The copyright belongs to the author

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