Maximum speed is Mach 3, even missiles can’t catch it!Advanced American warplanes say they can do nothing

Excellent fighter planes have always been the treasure of every country, and the United States is undoubtedly the most powerful military power in the world today.But the United States is not all-powerful, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union once developed a super fighter jet, the top speed of Mach 3, most of the military fans know the SR71 blackbird, his speed is already very fast.But the Soviet-developed Flybat MIG-25 can easily tag behind the SR71, which ordinary interceptors cannot intercept.The Soviet Flybat MIG-25 was designed in the late 1950s and was commissioned in 1969.The Mig 25 has shot down various types of aircraft during its career, and was even reported to have shot down a US Hornet fighter during the Gulf War.Mig-25 was developed in a variety of models at that time. In the local wars of the 1970s and 1980s, the most eye-catching fighter was the Mig-25 reconnaissance type.On the eve of the outbreak of the fourth Middle East War, four MiG 25 reconnaissance aircraft were stationed in Egypt and then carried out reconnaissance over Israel.At that time, Israel sent its best fighter aircraft, the American F4 “Ghost” to intercept. Just as it was approaching the MIG 25, the pilot of the MIG 25 opened the afterburner, and in a blink of an eye, the F4 Ghost fighter was behind.The F4 pilot fired AIM9 Sidewinder short-range air-to-air missile, but failed to catch the miG 25.After this incident, the Western countries were scared, the Israeli ground station at the time, the miG 25 fighter jet had exceeded Mach 3.2 speed.During the Iraq war, the MiG 25 became a powerful weapon in challenging no-fly zones.On December 23, 2002, a US Predator spy plane was shot down by an Iraqi Mig 25.On February 27, 2003, a US F15C intercepted an Iraqi mig-25 Fox Bat at high altitude. The MIG-25 had crossed some 30km into Saudi airspace and turned back when he found himself “locked on” by the US radar.So many facts, let western countries sit up and take notice of the MiG 25, shocked.Because of its excellent performance and high speed, the Mig-25 has always attracted the attention of the Western world, and some western people even speculated that the Soviet Union had already led the world in fighter technology.It was not until Soviet pilot Lieutenant Belenko defected to Japan that the West saw the full extent of the MiG 25.A thorough examination by US and Japanese experts found that the MIG-25 was not as scary as expected, and was generally just as scary as the US F4 Phantom, and was mostly made of stainless steel.The US was already working on F15 and F16 fighter jets, which were far, far more advanced than the MiG 25.But in any case, the Soviet Union was able to build such a fast fighter jet with much less advanced technology than the United States. These design concepts were so advanced that some American experts had to admire them.

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