SONY quietly unveiled new headphones with a hole-in-the-middle design, putting Apple to shame

Apple has always been leading the trend of The Times in product design, and every new product can become popular.But when it comes to headphones, Apple finally lost, thanks to SONY’s stealthily released a pair of headphones, the SONY Link Buds.Definitely unconventional in design.The earbuds are hollowed out in a way that puts Apple to shame.The sound quality of this earphone will be a surprise, after all, no matter how the headset changes, this is the first time we have seen a hollowed-out earphone.And this hollowed out part of the ring, which is actually the ring drive unit, is where the sound comes from.Instead of inserting it into the ear canal, it is stuck outside the ear canal, which is a novel way to wear it.The high performance neodymium magnet makes the sound clear at medium and high frequencies, and the integrated processor V1 supports the sound to reduce distortion during transmission and keep the sound pure.Digital Enhancement Engine This time it is also equipped with the DSEE digital sound enhancement engine, which can complete the sampling rate of the audio source, and can restore the damaged sound, improve the sound quality, and make the sound more similar to the original.Hd call This time, it can learn from the deep neural network to determine the user’s voice and environment noise during a call, and eliminate and retain the corresponding noise, so as to achieve hd call quality.It also has precise voice pickup technology, making it a great call experience even in crowded places like downtown.The new control mode this time retains the original headset panel control mode, but also added a new interactive control mode.All you have to do is tap the area around your ear around your cheek to control the headset.Full battery life: 5.5 hours in a single charge, 12 hours in a charging case, and 17.5 hours in total.And has fast charging technology, fast charging 10 minutes can achieve 90 minutes of music playback.Conclusion: SONY Link Buds is really a good earphone this time, with innovative design and advanced hollowing technology.The control is novel, and the wide-area click mode makes people shine at the moment.And for sound quality also has a unique optimization, not only hear more hear cool.Apple will be impressed to see a headset like this, so come out with something new.For more on the new hole-in-the-hole headphones, check out Hello Tech

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