Spring Festival goods explode!Ali Health pharmacy and Ant Forest launched the Fantastic Animals masks

Ali Health, together with Ant Forest and Ogilvy & Mather Life, recently launched a fantastic Animals co-sponsored charity mask, which not only printed the cute image of the magical animals on the mask, but also donated all the proceeds to the China Environmental Protection Foundation to support biodiversity conservation projects.Users can search for “Magical Animal Masks” on Taobao and buy them at Ali Health.It is reported that the inspiration for the masks comes from the ant Forest biodiversity conservation project, which combines elements such as snow leopard, Tibetan fox, panda, Siberian tiger and ant Forest energy, and has been well received by the public.After buying masks, many consumers shared photos of wearing them on social networks, and some even made them into memes, making masks for public benefit a hot seller on the Internet.In the comment section of Ali Health Pharmacy, users left comments saying, “It’s a public welfare and protective mask. The quality is very good and very cute.””They are all the animals in my protected area”, “100% turn heads when the whole family goes out” and so on. It can be seen that the Magical Animal mask series is “very popular”.Of course, the technology behind these masks is not ordinary. All masks are produced in a 100,000-grade clean medical environment. Special environmental protection printing and dyeing, independent paper bag packaging, both medical protection, so that people can have a safe protection when the wave is out of the street.An official from Ali Health pharmacy said that the original intention of the collaboration with Ant Forest was to make more people feel happy when they wear masks, and that each person wearing a Magical Animals mask is to help spread biodiversity with a silent language.

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