Su Shi to qian boss bow down called “Taishou yi Worship”

Su Shi bowed down to qian boss known as “a worship” – Yang Ruowen historical novel “where there is no grass in the world” story (23) (background: Xuzhou city flood retreat, Su Shi led the xuzhou people to win the flood, Su Governor to have great service to the people bow down to thank) after the flood peak, the water gradually receded.Su Shi heard what had happened to wang Chaoyun, the servant girl, and hurried back to have a look. Seeing that she was out of danger and not in danger of life, he was relieved.He was now running about in a more energetic and untiring manner, intending to pay thanks at the house where he had done so much work, and he entered the door of the Ten Thousand Silk Shop of the moneymaker.The boss qian, whose name was Yongji, had a business so large that no one in Xuzhou could match or dare to do so.”Money manager, business is good.The song of “one who guards righteousness, reputation long” had already filled the ears of the Prefects of The State of Su, and this time he helped the most, becoming the first prefects of the State of Su to thank.As soon as he entered the room, Su laughed and jokingly said, “No wonder you are rich.I ah, also want to change a ‘money’ surname a surname, hair!”While talking and laughing, he “plutok” and kneel, respectfully and meticulously.Money to the boss first one leng, then, the somebody else so much immortal is bowed down to their administers, never before, didn’t also heard since the ancient times and any officer, so suddenly overwhelmed, hurriedly come forward to help him, and it is no good sleep, oneself quickly also kneel, quivering tone: “the satrap’s adult not folding basket of longevity, forever forever basket can’t afford to!”Su is still voldemort, tone sincere: “the critical moment, you are old to help a lot, the officer has no teeth forget!The shopkeeper of qian has done great service, and his subordinates have sincerely thanked the people of Xuzhou.You can always afford to be an official!You old ‘dustpan’, in the sky twenty-eight, can reflect the night sky, and there is a ‘forever’ word, when a long life, ha ha!”Boss Qian, who also fell to the ground, responded, “You are lifting Yongji up. What is Yongji compared to the supreme Governor holding people in his arms?Moreover, Yongji is also for himself.Imagine, the flood is boundless, escape from the city, escape to life?Because of you, Yongji’s life escaped and his wealth was saved.Forever, I have to thank the governor for what I have today.”It was known that the prefect of Su knelt down and the people of Xuzhou called it “Prefect worship!”Su governor thanks a lot of rich families, dragging the steps to the head of the door, a sense of shame in my heart: the critical moment without home, what is home owner?The smiling faces of his family eased his sense of guilt.The busy hour was over, and he was so exhausted that before he could say sorry, he lay on one side of the bed and snored loudly.About the author: Yang Ruowen, born Yang Jun, was admitted to the Department of History of Beijing Normal University in 1961. Before he retired, he was a professor of Engineering University of Armed Police Force.He focuses on literature, history, newspapers and other aspects of the research, more than 10 years ago alone proposed and carried out a series of arguments on the news emotional information transmission, has become a popular topic of concern in the field of journalism and communication, in recent years turned to family issues.He has published many books, two of which have been selected as teaching materials by many universities.He has published more than 150 academic papers and written historical novels Where There are Plenty of Grass in the World (both volumes) and Palace Lanterns.

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