@Taiyuan people!Here comes Mi-don-dun!Realizing shanxi people’s “Freedom of Dundun”

Take a piece of white dough as a round belly, black eyes sparkling, color lines outline its sense of science and technology transparent shell, red heart embellished in the black palm, such a lovely handmade cartoon bag is recently famous face quality bing Dwen dwen.Since the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the strongest “top flow” ice block is hard to find.On February 10th, in the ancient town of Taiyuan, the provincial intangible cultural heritage dough figurines made of “dough dough” were arranged immediately. The detailed production process allowed the “noodle genius” of Shanxi Province to realize “freedom of dough dough” on the chopping board at home.At huamo Institute in taiyuan, 59-year-old Xu Ai Hua is explaining the making process of dough ice.Continued love flower intangible cultural heritage inheritor, in her skilled hands, colorful dough instantly can change a variety of huamo art.”Don’t look down upon this little ice dun dun, it has more color than the real national treasure panda.””The black dough is made of all-purpose flour with black bamboo charcoal powder, the red is beet stem powder, the pink is cactus fruit powder, the blue is flower butterfly tea, and the green spinach juice and yellow pumpkin.”After several times of kneading, rubbing, squeezing, sticky, strip “ice ribbon”, oval “body”, red “love” was born, continued love flower fingertip tips, a chubby “small fat” stick on the Olympic rings, waving “arm”, become everyone’s favorite lucky envoy of the Winter Olympics.▲ Fresh out of the “dough pier pier” after 20 minutes xing and 18 minutes of steaming process, a pot of fresh baked “dough pier pier” in the hot air in the spread of intermittent face incense, to attract a crowd of tourists.”The TV says that bing Dwen dwen’s shell is as crystal clear as tanghulu, does this’ mian Dwen dwen ‘taste sweet too?””Asked a curious child.”Yes, mien dun dun is not only sweet, but also sweet bean paste.The reason is that there is homemade bean paste in the belly of Myeon-dun-dun.Continue to love flowers tell children.Dingxiang dough figurines inherited by Xuaihua are the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.Shanxi Province as the representative of the five fuwa, dingxiang fuwa’s biggest characteristic is more plain of lay particular stress on, pinched fat girl and love animals, with flour color show fat doll and animal porcelain complexion, each work is embodies simplicity generous, the style of naivety, such YaZhuo original beauty coincided with ice mound mound of simple and honest lovely has the same effect.▲ “Mian Dun Dun” is endowed with the blessing of the Winter Olympics after seeing the production of “Mian Dun Dun”, several tourists still want to continue to look for snow rong Rong figure in the hua mo institute.”I don’t have time to continue studying the making of Seoronggrong because there are so many tourists who come to see and learn how to make Miandon-dun.The Lantern Festival is coming. I will try my best to make the dough snow as soon as possible. I will combine the technology of the intangible cultural heritage dough sculpture with the charm of the Winter Olympics to bring you a brand new experience.””Xuai hua said, and then picked up the hot” Miandundun “and wrote” BEIJING BEIJING “on the round” belly “of” Miandundun “with a small brush, in the most traditional form of celebration, giving Shanxi pasta the best wishes for the BEIJING Winter Olympics.Source: Shanxi Daily

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