The breakthrough of auto modification industry “3D modification meta-universe” gives the solution to the problem

Five modified brand first embrace yuan universe, 3 d digital light correction was recently, depending on the car of the independent research and development of science and technology “bo rui $3 d converted the universe system” such as security, KS – KING five after the car market brand staging, in succession, the system is focused on digital marketing materials production, visualize, choose products, store sales into fu to three main factors,For factories, brands, channels to provide supply and demand information docking, 3D light modification, online ordering and other functions.In the past week, more than 3,000 users have been contacted through this platform, and more than 80 orders of car film and wheel hub have been booked. The auxiliary revenue is expected to exceed 1 million yuan.It is believed that in the future, with the operation and support of the brand empowered by the system, user diversion and product sales increment will continue to show a rising trend.Modified stores close aides according to 3 d, said an official with the Beijing north rings a modified stores change color film, hub and other enterprises to enter product parameters system background, can be embedded in its WeChat small programs using this 3 d yuan universe system, product can display real-time loading, can be in 3 d systems query the specific effect of different styles, different parameters of products.System as electronic product manual, digital case sets are very easy to use, to the user, or look at the site is very convenient;As a sales tool, what you see is what you get for the operation of customers in the store, instead of the past “program by mouth, effect by guess” way, but also according to customer personality needs for real-time customized ordering;On the other hand, as a store, the operation is to be careful and economical. The use of the system can save the display space of modified products. Some stores have considered transforming part of the rental area into customer leisure experience area, improving the sense of technology in the store, so that the car owners who love to play can chat more online and gather more offline like friends.This may be a good choice to cater to the scene and entertainment consumption experience of young consumers in the Z era.On the one hand, owners can see the loading effect of the product in advance, and try more possibilities in the 3D modification space, with more trial and error opportunities;On the other hand, car owners can customize their desired painting and wheel parameters with very simple operation according to their own preferences.We find that AR/VR, meta-universe, 3D digital twin and other Internet technologies have gradually become mainstream tools in user operation, store empowerment, product marketing and other links.I also hope that As car technology can continue to research and develop 3D modification meta-universe tools, so that owners are interesting enough, so that stores are useful enough, so that the brand can reduce costs and increase efficiency.In general, regardless of factories, brand owners and channel stores, actively embrace new models and new technologies may gain new competitiveness, but also hope that with the support of new forces and new technologies, we can jointly promote the broken circle of refitting culture and meet the incremental development of the refitting industry.

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