86 species of wild animals in Dashahe National Nature Reserve, Guizhou

Black langur, small muntjac, golden pheasant, ocelots, civet cat, crab-eating mongoose, great pseudo-woodpecker…In the dense forest, a variety of rare wild animals are foraging, chasing and playing.An infrared camera was used by the Dashahe National Nature Reserve Administration in Guizhou province.Dasha River National Nature Reserve is located in the north of Daozhen Autonomous County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. It is a forest ecological type reserve mainly protected by rare and endangered wild animals and plants such as Chinese fir, black langur and their natural environment, with a total area of 26,990 hectares.Since 2016, guizhou big shahe national nature reserve administration by more than 250 sets infrared camera, the km grid investigation method, the wildlife in the area under its jurisdiction to monitor the investigation, has recorded a total 12 orders, 33 families and 86 species of animal species, including to 21 families, 7 orders, beast of 61 5 to 25, 12 families, reserve 24 species of new record species.”Monitoring through infrared cameras, captured on francois’ langurs, Lin musk deer, white long tail pheasants and other national level to protect animals and the monkey, ocelots, tufted, chrysolophus pictus, red abdomen tragopan secondary animal protection movement, in order to further understand the life habits of wildlife protected areas, habitat, distribution, etc. Provides a strong basis.”Han Jihuai, chief of scientific research department of guizhou Dashahe National Nature Reserve Administration, said the reserve will continue to use infrared camera monitoring to obtain more valuable data.

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