Hongluo Village, Maiji Town, Maiji District: Epidemic prevention and control gathered in volunteer service to warm people’s hearts

Maiji District Rong Media Center (reporter Zhang Liyuan) The epidemic is an order, prevention and control is a responsibility.Recently, in the product area mic product town macro luo village of epidemic prevention and control on point, every day can see the figure of party members, village cadres, volunteers busy, they fight in epidemic prevention and control of the first line, day and night with their own practical action to protect the village people’s life safety and health, an important force to materialize the village, the zone from spreading.In the face of the severe COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control situation, Hongluo Village of Maiji Town acted quickly. The village cadres, Party members and volunteers eagerly signed up and formed the epidemic prevention and control duty team at the first time. They took the initiative to go to the front line of epidemic prevention and control and completed the village checkpoint duty task.”Hello, please show the health code and itinerary code”, this is the party member WuqinYan in the village to carry out duty mission this period of time since the most said.”During this emergency period, as a Party member, I should start from myself and my family,” he told reporters. “I should be at the forefront to contribute to epidemic prevention and control, whether it’s knowledge promotion or checkpoint guard.”It is understood that hongluo village has been adhering to the general strategy of “prevent import from outside and prevent rebound from inside” and the general policy of “dynamic zero clearance”, earnestly implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in the district and town, comprehensively mapping the recent travel history of foreign personnel, focusing on those who have the experience of returning to and from high risk areas in the epidemic.Every day, two village cadres, one Party member and one volunteer are on duty, and all passing personnel and vehicles are strictly checked to build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Wen Airong, party secretary of Hongluo Village, Maiji Township, told reporters: “We have adopted a combination of online and offline methods in epidemic prevention and control.Online, timely interpretation of epidemic prevention policies, popularization of epidemic prevention violations and legal consequences to villagers every day;Do a good job of personnel reporting work;Update the epidemic situation in the wechat group, and give full play to the convenient advantages of online communication and publicity.Offline, village cadres, party members and volunteers were given full play to publicize epidemic prevention policies and knowledge by means of loudspeakers, speakers and volunteer interpretation to the elderly who could not read words.Urging all rural families, b&B and hotels to take epidemic prevention and control measures;Guard the checkpoints of epidemic prevention and control, and do a good job of scanning codes, measuring temperatures, wearing masks and registering in strict accordance with the requirements.At the same time, we also call on everyone to firmly establish the concept of being the first person responsible for health, resolutely put an end to any relaxation, paralysis and fluke mentality, effectively improve the awareness of epidemic prevention and control, and take the initiative to take and cooperate with various prevention and control measures.”Screening is hidden dangers, prevention is the epidemic.With meticulous work, patient explanation and diligent guard, the epidemic prevention and control personnel in Hongluo Village have left safety to the people and built a “big defense line” for epidemic prevention and control at the small checkpoint.

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