Mengjie focuses on high-end strategic development to stimulate the development of the industry

In order to meet personalized, diversified and high-quality consumer demand, Mengjie will take the lead in the industry to launch high-end strategic transformation in 2021.It is understood that mendale also takes the lead in the introduction of raw materials of the highest standard of 7 a, successively in xinjiang, building, ShuLan resource layout, and other high-end raw material origin, build xinjiang 7 a super long-staple cotton base, building 7 a organic base for mulberry silk and white feather 7 a feather, let 7 a super long-staple cotton, 7 a organic mulberry silk, 7 a large goose down high-quality raw materials field.In order to make consumers more intuitive to feel the charm of brand upgrade, Mengjie invested a lot of energy in upgrading stores from channels last year.Since September last year, mengjie has opened 21 flagship stores covering 18,000 square meters, upgrading store image and experience.The large experience store of nearly 1,000 square meters is divided into five divisions and provides four services, covering brand product display, sales and high-end service experience.To create an immersive experience of high-end bedding scene, more intuitive to deliver the value of high-end bedding to consumers.Already beginning in 2022, mendale continues to deepen the high-end strategy in strong strong brand strength, in order to “do the world’s best bedding” as the brand is the ultimate goal, efforts to achieve brand multidimensional comprehensive breakthrough, let more customers feel mendale high-quality bedding, mendale high-quality service experience, committed to global consumers really feel the warmth of home and happiness.

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