About!On the 14th day of the first lunar month, Linxia will hold the activity of welcoming the Spring Festival and receiving the fire of shehuo!

For the development of prosperity of mass culture and festival culture, stimulate the state director carders and the masses of entrepreneurial passion, with full enthusiasm to meet the party’s great victory at 20, committee of state, (the fourteenth) held on February 14, “our Chinese dream – culture into” 2022 LinXiaZhou spring after jan activities.The reporter learned that on February 14 from 9:00 to 12:30, a total of 10 groups of fire performance teams will perform in turn according to the prescribed lines.They are 4 in Hezheng County, 2 in Linxia County, 2 in Kangle County and 2 in Yongjing County.The main route is: Xinhua Street – state party – state government – Jinde Shopping mall shi Word (left) – Unity road (state radio and television) – Dashi word – Democratic West Road – West Guan Road (state Education Bureau) – Red Garden road west – state people’s Congress state CPPCC performance location: state party, state government, state people’s Congress state CPPCC hospital;State bureau of Finance, state bureau of Culture and Tourism, state CDC, state museum, state Agricultural Bank, state agricultural Development, Linxia Rural commercial Bank, Lanzhou Bank;Linxia City Office building;Ancient hezhou winery, harmonious garden district, ancient Hezhou district, tongda garden, etc.At that time, 10 groups of fire performance teams will present a sumptuous festival “cultural feast” for the masses, please watch!Reporter: Fan Haidong source: Ethnic Daily

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