“Breaking the ice” 50 years ago, “freezing” 50 years later?- Recalling the 50th anniversary of Nixon’s Visit to China

On February 21, 1972, 50 years ago is the flying over the Pacific Ocean, the then President Nixon came to China, set foot on Chinese soil, give a “contact, understand” hand to China, ending for up to a quarter of a century of “freeze” between China and the United States, the world’s two largest () is the most developed countries and most developing countries started a new relationship between countries.History calls Nixon’s trip to China an epoch-making trip that broke the ice. It cannot be overrated.Fifty years is just a drop in the ocean of history.But for those who experienced the thaw in China-Us relations 50 years ago, the “earthquake” of world diplomacy, which was vigorous but calm as water, has had a “fission” effect and influence on the world political structure.The “normalization” of Sino-US relations has undoubtedly contributed to the “transformation of the world” in the “once-in-a-century great changes”.In the normalization of Sino-US relations, the most remarkable thing is the important consensus reached by Nixon and the Chinese government during his visit to China: 1. The “One China” principle has become the cornerstone of the normalization of Sino-US relations;2. China and the United States agree to develop bilateral relations on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence;3. No major power should form alliances with other major powers to oppose the interests of another major power.And so on.Fifty years on, these principles are still very much alive and instructive to the realities of world politics.Facts have proved that if China and the United States adhere to the consensus and principles reached 50 years ago, they will be able to properly handle relevant differences and calm the two sides down. Otherwise, there will definitely be stormy waters.Over the past 50 years, China has always honored its commitments, carefully maintained the stable balance of its relations with the United States, and made every effort to keep the relations on the right track.Back then, relations between China and the United States were extremely antagonistic.During Nixon’s visit, the streets of Beijing were filled with slogans reading “Down with the American Empire”.”People of the world unite to defeat American imperialism” is the most popular slogan around the world.Even under such circumstances, the leaders of China and the United States still found the consensus of “turning enemies into friends” and “seeking common ground while shelving differences”. The two sides shook hands and made peace.This great action, which will go down in history, showed the great heart and superb diplomatic skills of the leaders of the two countries.The world should be grateful that such a responsible, caring, mature and calm major country as China has maintained its composure in such a complicated international environment, made every effort for world peace and development and created such rare development opportunities for world prosperity and progress.America in particular should thank China, face the changeable and capricious in the United States, China can still be “conceal brilliance, cultivate obscurity,” in the United States under heavy extrusion, also for the industrial transfer in the United States, the Chinese market to absorb capital output “surplus value” in the United States and pay a huge price, made the information industry and the prosperity of the IT industry.Us politicians can deny China’s contribution to the US economic development over the past 50 years, but they should never bite the hand that feeds them. If they bite China in the back and blame China for the structural problems in the US, it will show the inhumanity and unfairness of US politicians and their political chicken belly, which will make the world despise them.Fifty years later, sino-US relations seem to be frozen.This phenomenon of going against the tide is definitely abnormal, and this abnormal phenomenon is entirely due to a certain “autism” of a few US politicians, which has plunged US diplomacy into unprecedented chaos.International communication barriers, communication barriers, limitations, inflexibility, stubbornness, repeatability, self-talk and indifference to the response of the other side are the key to the current “autistic diplomacy” of the United States.If there has been a war recently, it must be related to autistic people.From the perspective of history, the current “ice” phenomenon between China and the US is temporary and will not last for a long time, because the future development of the US cannot be achieved without the peaceful coexistence of the world and China as an anchor of stability.We look forward to the second “ice-breaking” handshake between China and the United States and the day of real political reform and opening up in the United States.At fifty you know your destiny.American politicians will learn not to go against “the will of God” (that is, public opinion), otherwise their so-called “American dream” is really just a fool’s paradise.(The author is a senior researcher of The Double Ninth Festival at THE National People’s Congress.)

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