Feel the warmth of home!Family members come to the apartment to warm their hearts

During a visit to the family apartment of an ARMY brigade under the PLA Central Theater Command on the Chinese New Year’s Day, the reporter walked into the home of Sergeant Major Zhao Lecai of the 4th Battalion.Aroma in the kitchen, his wife Sun Linlin show cooking;In the sitting room, the Chinese New Year flavor is rich, fu character, lanterns are flourishing, daughter Zhao Anrui sits on the sofa to watch TV.It’s freezing outside and warm inside.Zhao Lecai told reporters about the warm details of the apartment: 24-hour hot water supply, natural gas connection to the household, cooking appliances and air conditioning, refrigerators, televisions and other appliances…”We feel the warmth of home.Zhao Lecai said, a few years ago, the army camp scattered, family members to the team housing are each area self-security.He was stationed in a remote mountainous area dozens of kilometers away from the brigade. When his family members came to visit their relatives, life was very inconvenient. They had to buy gas cans in nearby towns for cooking.In recent years, the brigade barracks have been gathered together, the brigade Party committee regards the construction of family to team apartment as a heart-warming project, requires from the design of the house, decoration and furnishings to the purchase of household appliances, furniture, and so on, to solicit the opinions and suggestions of officers and their families.”Before the winter heating, the indoor cold, children easy to catch a cold, so some family members suggested that the apartment equipped with air conditioning, the authorities adopted this reasonable suggestion.”Cho Mi-hwa, chief of the army quartermaster barracks section of the brigade, said, “Soldiers and their families will feel at home in the barracks only when they take care of every detail.”Stairs, the brigade service center officers and soldiers are giving military wife Zhang Xiaoling “distribution”, shopping bags filled with vegetables, meat, eggs and other food materials.”The service center adopts the mode of ‘family orders and centralized distribution’, which is convenient for our daily needs.”Zhang xiaoling said.At the family activity center next to the apartment, some family members were exercising on treadmills in the training room.In the creation room, families discuss embroidery and paper cutting skills together.In the children’s activity room, soldiers play in pairs…”The family activity center was built by the agency on the advice of family members, and now it has become a harbor for us to communicate with each other.”The brigade three battalion six repeatedly long Pan Guangle’s family zhanmei Na happily said.▲ Published in February 4, “Liberation Army Daily” 2 edition author by PLA Daily reporter Han Cheng correspondent Suyun Ke Fan Xuesong source BY PLA Daily, Learning Corps (ID: XUexijuntuan) please indicate the source!Supervisor: Ou Can Zhang Xiaohui Editor: Yan Shan Xie Fei Rector: Li Xinyue

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