Gu Ailing updated social media after the game, frankly said that she narrowly escaped promotion, the biggest competitor was eliminated

Beijing time on February 7, as China’s highest-profile athlete games are legion, GuAiLing after she started her debut in the Beijing Olympics, is also one of the three projects for her woman big platform qualifier, finally in the case of mistakes, she resisted the pressure, the top 12, the finals at 10:00 am on February 8,Her biggest rival for the gold medal has already been eliminated, meaning she is unlikely to win the gold medal as long as she performs normally.After the qualifying round, Gu first updated her social media, admitting that the qualifying round was a close call.In fact, in events like the big platform, it is quite normal to make mistakes. The most important thing is to be able to withstand the pressure after mistakes. After all, the result is that the ranking is made after three jumps.As a matter of fact, as an athlete, a cheerful and lively personality has its own advantages. They know how to release their emotions, just like updating social media after the match, which can timely relieve pressure.In fact, this is also due to her own growth environment. Although her mother is from Nanjing, she is not originally from China.Skiing is just one of her survival skills. Therefore, we can see that she is actually a relatively confident athlete, which is also related to her family. Her parents are both senior intellectuals and graduates of prestigious universities.Blond-haired and blue-eyed Gu has a foreign face, but she now represents China, and her willingness to give up her foreign country and become a Chinese citizen is the right thing for her to do, because there are so many fans here who like her and wish her good luck in the Winter Olympics.

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