Is it better to find an acquaintance or a decoration company?How to choose?

Hello, I do home decoration design and construction of Lao Xiao Zhao.In fact, this problem is very easy to answer, sum up is the problem of installing and looking for a company.No more than you this self-decoration is an acquaintance.If decorate, no matter which kind of work is worker master works in site directly, you can buy material by yourself, look for worker construction, perhaps let acquaintance construction, also can look for company construction.The following is a specific analysis of these two ways, respectively, the advantages and disadvantages of these two ways.Find their own master construction, or let acquaintances management construction: a: advantages 1, save money to buy materials, their own workers looking for master construction, are face to face counteroffer settlement, there is no middleman to earn price difference.Let acquaintances half a package of auxiliary materials management workers, acquaintances will certainly reserve a profit, of course, the cost is generally not big, unless you this acquaintance pit you, kill cooked, shoshoid, jerry-cut cheat you.2, the rest of the materials to inspect their own purchase, the workers inspected the process, their own supervision of the construction quality.Of course, it is normal for amateurs to be taken advantage of by inauthentic workers.Let acquaintances contract work package accessories, acquaintances reliable character, engineering is guaranteed, character unreliable, he also has the possibility of killing cooked, but generally very few.3, strong sense of participation all things personally, the sense of participation, the sense of achievement.Two: shortcomings 1, their own construction tired running site supervision project progress every day, project quality, and to coordinate workers, cold in winter and hot in summer, a station for a day, physical and mental fatigue is certain.2, their own workers to find construction time to run the building materials market to buy materials need to shop around three time, site supervision quality progress needs to guard the site, more time.Office workers affect their work, while non-office workers affect their mental state.3, the effect can not guarantee the simple decoration, come up with some effect, you have to have a certain aesthetic, a certain sense of space structure, a certain sense of color collocation, or the effect is difficult to come out.4, to acquaintances, acquaintances have certain experience, people depend on the word, the whole project smoothly, and can have quality assurance, otherwise the favor also owe, money also spent, but also ruined their house, make their own a stomach.To sum up: generally three situations are suitable for their master construction: one: not special requirements for the effect, all in order to save money for the purpose, such friends buy materials to find the master construction, can save a lot of middlemen price difference.Two: want to have a certain effect, and their own decoration actual combat experience, have quite good aesthetic, have certain decision-making power and executive power, and energy enough, physical strength is good, willing to work hard, can town live workers, in short, can toss, like toss friends.Three: assured, familiar acquaintances to do construction, that can find acquaintances.The premise is must inspect its construction site quality, and have certain familiarity, character is at ease.1. The effect is guaranteed to be designed by special designers in the company. The proportion of space and color ratio of what are stronger with the general public.2, the quality of normal companies have special material suppliers, material quality assured, the company has special construction supervision, in the construction progress and construction quality has a certain guarantee.3, the construction period and after-sales service company construction in the construction process can be connected better, the intermittent schedule is not up, the late after-sales service must be stronger than the individual looking for workers.2: disadvantages 1, high budget company is not a charity, the company to survive, to develop, employees to eat, it must be reserved for a certain percentage of profits, this is the so-called middleman to earn price difference.Bottom line: Don’t go to a company just to save money, and don’t go to a company if you have the time and energy to do the work and are willing to do the work.Others who want results, but have limited time and energy, go to the company.But only if you find the right company.According to the user feedback and another verbose two points: 1, personal decoration do homework in advance, now the network developed, decoration technology, material comparison, construction price can be found almost, when looking for the master, must first inspect the good master’s craft, talk about good payment, explain the site construction details, and then enter the construction., looking for a company construction must not covet petty gain, as long as what is 298, 398, 498, 698 and so on a variety of packages don’t believe that it is, what a day advertising to send to send home appliances furniture company also had better not take a reason, the wool is on sheep’s body, he’s not doing charity, don’t move the brain think there are a lot of problems in the cerebellum.Before looking for a company, he should have a general plan for his home first, do homework to understand the project and process of decoration, so that he can express his understanding of home clearly when communicating with the company, convenient design planning.Understanding the project and process is convenient for you to review the company’s budget to see if there are any missing items or missing items, so as to avoid additional projects in the later period.When signing the contract, you should clearly write the terms of payment and the brand specifications of various materials.Avoid late bickering.In a word, as long as it is not always thinking about taking advantage, always thinking about sending this, sending that, as long as it is designed in accordance with the actual situation of the site, in accordance with the provisions of the project budget, in accordance with the requirements of the contract, the basic can smoothly benefit of the new home.Good, above is the answer that I do for you, if the feeling is helpful, trouble gives a concern to add forward oh!In addition, I sent a lot of pictures, micro headlines and videos about interior design and decoration. If there is demand, you can move to have a look. If you feel good, please forward more, so that you can help more friends who are decorating or preparing to decorate, thank you.Personal original text, no reprint, typing is not easy, hope attention

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