The 2022 Daming Palace 10K Welcome New Students Race is about to start!

The 2022 Daming Palace 10K Welcome Home Run will be held from February 12 to 15. It has been three years since the first Daming Palace 10K Welcome Home Run was held in 2020. For many runners, the 2022 Daming Palace 10K Welcome Home Run has become a sense of ritual to welcome the New Year.It has also become one of the events that must be run during the New Year!2020 Daming Palace 10K Welcome Run From February 12 to February 15, you can complete the 10km line run at any place to complete your own welcome ceremony!In running, release the inner passion and love, in running,To meet a better future ~ finished player can pass “qujiang sports application platform” small program to upload running trajectory capture instant download finished certificate culture lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood MEDALS suit with 3 anniversary of the entry, the Lantern Festival on February 15, mail for you prize card games medal for da 10 k classic red paint wooden doors with fine gold MEDALS auxiliary elements,As a traditional Door decoration of Chinese architecture, the auxiliary head has the meaning of avoiding misfortune and praying for blessing from the gods. To integrate such a gilt copper auxiliary head into the medal means peace and joy in the New Year.The clothing has been decorated with auspicious colors of “red” and “gold” and gilding marking of the 3rd anniversary, to give you the most special New Year commemoration!There is a special lucky draw for this competition. The prizes include 50 yellow Duck commemorative bags, 50 West Horse colorful bags and 50 West Horse mail folds, which will be randomly selected from all participants and mailed together with MEDALS and racing clothes on February 15th!The biggest surprise, look at this!100 seats will be selected from all applicants in proportion to men and women for the 2022 CIMA race!Are you — are you into it?First instance: Wang Lei Final instance: Qin Li Produced by Xi ‘an Qujiang New Area Rong Media Center

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