Who is your favorite singer?Why is that?

Whenever a friend asks me who your favorite singer is, I can firmly say, “Zeng Yike.”Four years ago, there was a night to move, under the Yan ‘an elevated not long after, the driver’s car in the hengshan road near the anchor, waiting for the trailer, the driver said, “the car can still power, do not want to listen to the song?”I nodded, the radio spread of the first song is Zeng Yike’s “night train”.”Do you sleep well I have to stay awake?” No one said anything. He handed me a cigarette.The song, which was released in 2011, may have been a surprise to hear in headphones at the time, but every year since then, it has been a new experience.Have you ever been driving or riding in a car at night when your loved one or loved one fell asleep next to you? If you have, you know.It is the Color of Three. Many people like to talk about this song. I don’t want to judge whether it is right or wrong, nor do I care about it at all.I just woke up one afternoon with no work and no schedule and nothing to do. I opened the window and heard the stereo downstairs playing the words “Because I love you, I love you, I love you, there’s nothing wrong with loving you.” I can’t describe the feeling.There are more “we will have a big house Would you send me a small poem “” the story of the small city In the night the most acacia “” let the candle instead of all lights Let the music instead of words This silent wins audio “” try to love hurt more readily than sorrow,” “is a simple chord Will not be able to write a beautiful song If the love from othersI can’t sing “and that” the most hate you so long don’t come to see me once loved you when I heard you long for “has been released for years, many songs like our life is likely to be the blink of an eye, before I also sit in the McDonald’s waiting for the a huge surprise, perhaps a children’s meal may be complimentary toys,The next moment it seems to have lost all interest in the world.Why are the afternoons of fourteen different from those of twenty-four?I don’t want to hear science, I just want to feel something like her song, the sincerity.”The leaves turn yellow, the Windows brighten, the weather grows bright, forget the past.”Eleven years ago, I pretended to leave her lyrics on the forum. At that time, I didn’t even know what a new home meant. Renting a house, staying away from my parents, graduation and apartment were all too far away from me.Everyone is teaching you to open your mind, tolerance to people, only she will honestly tell you, “I am facing the sea, I can not open my mind.”Later, when I often went to the seaside, I thought, maybe the sea is just for missing, do not get close to it, and store and store regularly, so many things are the same.Standing in the exurbs, sitting on the bus, lying in the city, I love all those moments of ambiguity and certainty, you’re 21 today, shall we have birthday cake together?Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!Happy New Year!I often look down on many people, but am I any good?I started to love fast food, and I fell in love with this simple method of cooking.Don’t say something that will make someone sad before your brain knows it.Don’t read so much about other people’s lives that you forget your own.Damn, the oysters are beautiful.Thank you for Chinese music and wish you good health

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