Ding Mo another high dry text burst red, Gu Nanxi “exclusive marriage” was pulled down, 9.7 points on the list!

Hello, welcome to the new and old officials.The little sun in winter, are you shining on the earth happily?I am very happy to meet you, so I will recommend some novels to you, hoping to bring joy to the little cutie.Ding Mo another high dry text burst red, Gu Nanxi “exclusive marriage” was pulled down, 9.7 points on the list!First book: “Exclusive Marriage” by Gunanxie wonderful Excerpts Priority: The world of the Left city, all black, he loved all black, because his world should be so, poppies are blooming in the black night.Only, left city fell in love with once as white paper jiangxia early.In the world of the left city, in fact, everything is fixed, no grandiose changes.He only drinks chateau, he only uses black sheets, he hates all lights, he only wants the beginning of summer.The left city that kills like hemp, actually how its is simple, he of black fell in love with white she.Standing in the French window, the height of the forty-ninth floor can overlook the scene of the whole city, but nothing, nothing, no jiangxia, the left of the city closer, closer, still do not see that just want to escape the figure.Long ago, he imprisoned her, she also stood in the French window, looking far, far away, this is the circle of cause and effect?What was the young master looking at? I didn’t even know he came in.The lonely figure was his master, who he had guarded with his life for more than ten years. If possible, he would be willing to let the master no longer be so lonely, even if it cost him his life.Priority: Guan Yuanyuan discovered what he said with hindsight, some angry and complicated, as if inadvertently pierced his little mind many years ago, and still in front of the parties.She secretly observed the next Mu chao expression of the look, see his look as before, gently express tone, also relieved.After all, it’s a thing of the past.Just when Guan yuanyuan thought Mu Chaoyan would not speak again, Mu Chaoyan opened his mouth, “You don’t cry in front of me, how can I comfort you?”Guan Yuanyuan did not talk, even dare not go to see mu Toward speech at this time of look, can stare at his hand look.In fact, in those days guan Yuanyuan also feel that he has no good cry, after all, she loves the people and love her people are in the side, she felt she had been very happy.She had shed some tears at that time, but they were of no consequence, and after a while she had forgotten them.(click below to read for free) the third book: “You and I love the city time” author: Ding Mo wonderful excerpts priority: Li Zhicheng a look, a query, Lin Shallow carefully sent to answer.Unconsciously, more than half an hour has passed.These are the tasks li Zhicheng gave her, although look grandiose, but it is her efforts.And not to mention all this gray, borderline, clever hype and hype, she directed the it guys to really feel like a duck to water…So li Zhicheng to the end, Lin Shallow also forgot before the small embarrassment, speak elated.As soon as she saw his occasional nod and even a smile on his face, she knew he was happy with her work.Ha, ha, ha.So, she had the courage to show him the last one, she hesitated to make a decision: “Mr. Li, look at this.I didn’t really show your face.But I think if it was sent, it would work really well.”On the screen, in cute little round red letters, was the headline: “Catch a Shot too: Ada’s new successor, the mysterious Major PRESIDENT.”Mouse down again, is a photo and several lines of text.(Click below to read for free) The above three novels are the books to share with you in this issue, I hope you can find joy here, like friends remember to pay attention to the xiaobian oh!Thank you for your support

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