Night at Fengdu Police Station in Xingyi

As night falls, thousands of lights along Qianqi East Road and Fuxing East Road in Xingyi city, Guizhou Province, reflect the hustle and bustle of the streets.Your late night, is the end of the day tired, or together, or alone……His night, is sleepless watch, or people come and go, or in a hurry.On a night like this, there may be something else you haven’t seen.Magic East Road, Fuxing East road food stalls, KTV, bars lively, surging.From the magic east road to the east, the vision close, through the hazy halo, vaguely can see a small building brightly lit, this is xingyi City Public Security Bureau Fengdu police station.Peng Zhongfu, a police officer in his early 30s, was sitting in the duty room. He had been working for 15 hours straight from morning till night, and now he was rushing to sort out his case files.If 23 o ‘clock is counted as the starting point of the peak number of alarm calls made by the duty group, fengdu police station at this time of day is like opening Pandora’s box.23:18 — Guest hits KTV after drinking, KTV staff in K City one called the police, saying that a guest was smashing things.Police soon arrived at the KTV bag, found that there are obvious traces of fighting, the scene is a mess.The perpetrator had left the KTV, and the victim was moved to the lounge by the staff of the venue, with blood on the back of her head and chin and emotional.On duty police Ran issued immediately launched an investigation, take scene surveillance video and arrange the injured to the hospital for dressing…”Officer 3, there’s a little girl trying to kill herself, quick!”Police Ran issued just from KTV, the phone came, human life, a line of people rushed to the scene.A 16-year-old girl sent her parents pictures of herself as if she was about to commit suicide by burning charcoal after an argument.But no one answered the door. When the police prepared to let the lock company open the door, the parents learned that the girl had gone out an hour earlier.It turned out to be an error. The policeman shook his head with a sigh of relief…After drinking, the man worried that the security guard would be cold on duty, so he asked to build a police booth to collect video surveillance for nearly 3 hours. Finally, the police saw the mother and son of the pet dog with grilled intestine in a corner of the surveillance video screen of the police station. They found that the three people had entered the community in Linxi County, and immediately drove to the police station.Unexpectedly, just arrive village doorway, encounter a drink tall man.”You come just right, I am about to call the police, you help me call their battalion chief, they are on duty here very cold ah, just a piece of wood can not block the wind…”Man one hand took the community security, one hand took the police, the mouth has been grumbling, the police to the man after work, asked the security man to return home, and continue to work……1:20 – Fengdu police station scene peng Zhongfu from the left office to the right office, but he is still sorting files.”Small horn, small horn, go, take a person to the city public security bureau law enforcement case management center physical examination.”Wang Ang, deputy director of the class, took 3 people out from the case handling area.Hear call yourself, auxiliary police Wang Bingxin quickly stood up, with Wang Ang will take 3 people to the police car.”Big Head, wake up with a cappuccino.”When Peng zhongfu got up to move, an auxiliary policeman handed him a cup of lemon tea.1:38 — “Did someone call a false alarm?”Police Ran issued in the area led the focus of the entertainment place patrol, received a report: Phoenix community 1903 someone with a knife.After entering the target building, the police are on the alert, explosion-proof shield on the chest, explosion-proof steel fork always ready.Arriving at 1903, there was a set of keys in the door.In case in case, ran released unscrewed the key into the house, many times after the propaganda, the male master came out from the bedroom, after asking and no abnormality.At this time, I could not contact the police. I patrolled the neighborhood for several times without any abnormality.”Did someone report a false alarm?”Ten minutes later, the police call back, said he was hit, mobile phone mute, learned that there is no big obstacle, Ran asked each other to check the hospital first, and then to fengdu police station to do a record.At 2:10, a teenage brawl is coming;At about 3 o ‘clock, the didi driver called the police and was beaten.At 3:27, the dog vendor’s dog was stolen from the street…4 a.m. – The bar is still busy.”You go that way, we’ll go this way, watch carefully.”Wang Told the team to separate to find the man who beat his ex-wife, and then asked the bar manager to turn on the lights and stop the music.A few minutes later, the man was found outside the bar, his ex-wife holding the three-year-old child, who would not stop crying…”This is the third time I’ve been taken to the police station because of her.””Why, it’s glorious to hit someone!”…8 a.m., duty group handover work, gun inspection, equipment handover.Half an hour later, the police station will report the situation of receiving and disposing police.A sleepless night finally passed, waiting for them is another sleepless night, after all, the police situation to be dealt with can be many…Fengdu Police Station covers an area of 69.2 square kilometers, with a permanent population of more than 50,000 and a floating population of more than 25,000. The floating population of qianqi East Road and Fuxing East Road at one night is more than 10,000.There are more than 10 large residential areas, 62 schools, 34 large entertainment places, 101 small bars, 96 hotels and 64 apartment rental houses in the area, with an average of more than 40 police calls per day.Every day, emergencies, emergency, household matters, Fengdu police station is the first place that people can think of, the police on duty, auxiliary police urgent people need, just a call to the police, they will soon become citizens around the “security guards” (Zou Yingying)

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