The highest landmark area land planning adjustment, how to see the official reply?

Ahead in dreams, in view of the landmark skyscraper, planning, construction and completion of zhengzhou ranking progressive roughly as follows, liuhe CBD – riverside golden eagle international – the tower by the open central plains – often west lake lugu twin towers – green post A garden A tower – GuanCheng wealth heights – Zheng Dongjin trade center – high-tech zone west lake landmarks – gold mercury base to erqi square huarun center.© east baisha group axis planning diagram above are for reference only in zhengzhou tallest landmark rankings, most at the planning stage, as ferris policy, the passage of time, the future may be left behind some, data change, but no matter how say, at least let us to zhengzhou high-rise buildings have a hope and yearning.© Zhengzhou skyscraper and cultural Venues distribution diagram – according to the relevant information drawn for reference only because the height and number of skyscrapers is one of the important reference basis to measure the modernization degree and economic strength of a city, so we pay most attention to zhengzhou’s new height.Back to the present, let’s look at the ranking of zhengzhou’s currently completed skyscraper landmarks. The top ten landmark buildings are roughly as follows: Zhongyuan Fu Tower → Twin Towers → Millennium Square → Power Dispatching Center → Wanda Center → Yuda International Trade → China Resources Center → Zhenghong City → China Resources Tower → Henan Broadcasting Tower.The tallest building built in Zhengzhou is zhongyuan Fu Tower (388 meters). At present, due to the adjustment of the planning land in the area, it is once again concerned by everyone. The reason is that it is not only the image gate of Zhengzhou Economic development Zone, but also the cultural and tourism landmark of Zhengzhou.© Zhongyuan Futa night view – Source network And the official response to the adjustment of the regulation, it can be seen that the commercial volume in the Futa area is really reduced, the planning adjustment is basically finalized, let’s look down.According to the data query, the planning of the Futa area is mainly residential, commercial, cultural, educational and green space.There are three commercial sites and one cultural site to the south of the high-end residential area, as shown below.© Zhongyuan Futa Area to be modified plot location diagram – Source Network The original planning area of commercial finance is over 80,000 square meters. With the adjustment of district planning, two of the three commercial finance blocks are to be changed into residential buildings.This adjustment, on the whole, has more advantages than disadvantages: ▶ After the regulatory reform, it is beneficial to the enterprise, because both China Resources and Poly have been rooted here for several years, and the image has been done, the surrounding environment is very good, two water systems, and the century Park will be upgraded to build.Therefore, the development of housing can save a lot of publicity costs.▶ After the control regulation reform, it is relatively beneficial to the government, because the commercial and financial land parcel is indeed difficult to clinched under the current environment. In addition, the core plate of the economic development zone is not far to the east of Futa, and the commercial volume will not be small in the future. Changing to residential will help the sale of the land parcel.▶ After the reform of the control regulation, the interest for buyers is relatively small, because of the decrease of business, it is bound to reduce the added value of real estate, while bringing some small impact on life.Due to the traffic lines, this area cannot support large commercial buildings and commercial centers on the whole, and it is not enough to rely on the popularity of Forta itself.From the official reply, these blocks of land have been idle for more than ten years. The adjustment is to accelerate the construction of the area, combine the planning and construction of the core plate of the economic development area, and carry out unified planning of function distribution, urban interface, architectural style and other aspects.For the adjustment of this area, I have seen people’s comments and consultation in many channels. However, from the perspective of urban management, the adjustment is for better development. As long as it meets the development requirements of this area, gives full play to the maximum value of land and achieves a win-win situation, it is a good thing.© Zhengzhou Economic development Zone core plate planning schematic diagram – source official website By the open door, with the launch of the core plate, will blossom new wonderful, let us look forward to the new stage of construction achievements!

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