With her son married, Na Ying’s singing career is going well, but how is her life?

“Conquered by you like this, cut off all the way back, my mood is strong, my decision is confused” — “Conquered” this song was written in 1998, that year, Na Ying and Gao Feng were still a couple in love, she did not know what she would face in the future.Just as the lyrics say, at that time, she firmly believed that she could go with Gaofeng forever, but she did not know how stupid her decision to be with Gaofeng was, and finally someone would break her solid body.So that she has to take the baby and marry someone else in the future. What’s going on?Na Ying and Gao Feng’s love lasted as long as 10 years. Some people say that Gao Feng is a lothard-prowler, a man who can only talk sweet words, but can’t really talk to each other.Others say that Gao Feng and Na Ying are similar in character and they have more to talk about.One is a pop diva and the other is a soccer player. The meeting of the two is actually quite simple.By 1995, Na ying had become popular all over the country and even appeared on the Spring Festival Gala.Under an accident, two people accidentally met, before knowing each other, two people are actually not familiar with each other.On the one hand, As a football player, Gao Feng has a lot of training every day, so he has no time to pay attention to the entertainment industry. On the other hand, Na Ying, who pays little attention to sports, does not know gao Feng.Until the two people really chat, only to find that they are also shenyang, perhaps because of the sake of the hometown, two people talk about the topic gradually more up, also established a love relationship.Na Ying is also known as the big sister in the singing circle. To some extent, Gao Feng can accept her personality.However, both of them were strong people, and they often quarreled with each other. As a result, their fans did not believe in them at that time.Gao Feng’s fans thought gao Feng was a bit unambitious in finding an entertainment star.Na ying’s fans also felt that it was a bit silly to choose a soccer star who could not help but attract criticism for na Ying when her career was on the rise, rather than an insider.Perhaps it was the spirit of the northeast that enabled the two men to persist for a decade in the face of so much opposition.Even Na Ying was pregnant and ready to start a family with Gao Feng.At that moment, Wang Nawen appeared, with a three-year-old son. “Gaofeng and I had this baby,” she said.Na Ying was nearly due to give birth at that time, in the face of the topic of fermentation, can only come forward to respond, said he will pay and work with gao Feng to raise the child.A few days later, Na Ying gave birth to a son named Happy.However, she was not happy at that time, because of gao Feng’s events, Na Ying suffered from postpartum depression, in addition to a lot of insomnia, palpitation and other physical reactions, psychological also feel irritable, even hate her own son when the situation is serious.So not long after, the two finally broke up after a decade of torturing each other.2 marry Meng Tong, meet happiness in na Ying the whole person into the trough, Meng Tong appeared.Originally na Ying’s friend, saw na Ying suffered such a big blow, feel sorry, asked her to go to the bar to relax, relieve the mood.Just go to the bar operated by Meng Tong.Star travel more privacy, so the visit of a pedestrian also caused the attention of Meng Tong.It was at this opportunity that the two added their contact information.At the beginning may just be convenient na Ying and other stars to the bar, but then Na Ying and Meng Tong began to have more and more topics.Na Ying was a very talkative and familiar person, with a certain warmth and cheerfulness typical of people in the northeast.In contrast, Meng Tong is a top student, went to Germany to study, people are more calm, of course, less words, belongs to the more silent people.So when Na Ying introduced Meng Tong to his friends, surprised a group of people’s jaw, many people think that Na Ying should find a lively and cheerful person like him, rather than like Meng Tong such a taciturn person.After all, the two personalities are too out of step, and in comparison, Na Ying has a son.In fact, Na Ying did not have too much hope for this relationship, because he had been hurt by Gao Feng, to some extent, marriage, family have fear.And if two people do get married, their own son is also a big problem, stepfather and biological father to some extent, there are still different.But Meng Tong is a man worth relying on, two people together a few months later, Meng Tong proposed to Na Ying, said he was willing to take care of na Ying and happy for a lifetime.The proposal came out of the blue. Even Na Ying was not ready for it, but she said yes.3. Na Ying: Meng Tong is actually a very delicate person, perhaps because of the frustration of the feelings in front of Na Ying, two people this time very low-key, married in Canada.The next year Na Ying gave birth to a daughter named Apple.Meng Tong is a worthy man to rely on, for the cause of na Ying, she fully support, but also in his support, Na Ying became the first into the North American mainland artist, and held many concerts in the country.Meng Tong also know na Ying as an artist’s special identity, making her really busy busy very busy.At this time, Meng Tong will be all the work of the home up.He ferries his two children to and from school every day.I also cook and give my children balanced breakfasts.And Meng Tong’s craft is also very good.In the face of his son’s happiness, Although Meng Tong knew he was his stepfather, but he did not spoil him too much.But really in the heart of education children, hope happy to be able to become an indomitable man.So he took care of them in every possible way, and mentally, he took care of them as well.Therefore, even Yang Kun of the good friend inside the circle of na Ying says: her husband Meng Tong is a very delicate person actually.Meng Tong’s education also let him become a very cultured person, not because of some negative news online and affect the lives of two people.He is also very fond of that Ying, every time that Ying out activities, suitcases are basically by Meng Tong to pick up.It can be said that he really spoiled Na Ying into a little woman.The last words: “so be conquered by you, drink your hidden poison, my plot has come to an end, my love and hate has been buried.” I thought that Na Ying would fall after a fall after being hurt by gao Feng, and would not dare to love others again.But The emergence of Meng Tong is like the best medicine in the world, a little bit of moistening silently to resolve the anger in the heart of the Ying.It can be said that the na Ying who has experienced wind and rain finally saw her own rainbow.What do you think about that?For more exciting content, pay attention to the local flavor circle

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