Although medical beauty is “hot”, it should be “cold” and “quiet”

– KanYuTing (zhengzhou university) recently, Beijing customs continuous hair more batch according to the management of medical equipment medical beauty products is unqualified, did not get a Chinese medical apparatus and instruments, including the registration, loss of function of the old medical equipment import, plug do not conform to the requirements of the standard of China, import medical equipment has no Chinese instructions, etc., the customs has been implemented by the regulation the return or destroyed.(March 9, China News Service) In recent years, with the strengthening of people’s awareness of pursuing “beauty”, the society has become more tolerant of medical beauty, and the price threshold of medical beauty has been constantly lowered, making medical beauty become a new social wave.However, the disorder of “medical beauty” industry can also be described as multifarious: consumers disfigured by irregular medical beauty institutions;Medical products such as water-light needles, which are mixed with real and fake ones, are directly injected into consumers’ bodies;Medical equipment is not qualified, medical personnel do not have relevant legal documents, no certificate on duty and so on.This time, the customs seized many batches of unqualified medical beauty products, which also reflects the large number of “medical beauty demand” in the society, so that many people choose to “take risks”.But it is clear that these business opportunities, at the expense of consumer safety.Where does the huge business opportunity come from?The overwhelming marketing and advertising of some medical beauty businesses, the sharing of “successful experience of medical beauty” by Internet celebrities, the discussion of online medical beauty posts and forums, and the constant updating and increasing of the definition of “beauty” by the society, make the appearance anxiety of many people have become increasingly intense.Medical beauty organizations have seized on the market value of facial anxiety, emphasizing that medical beauty can be a shortcut to looking good.On the other hand, consumers are trapped in the lie that “if they do medical beauty, they will become beautiful”, blindly trust medical beauty institutions, and easily enter the door of illegal medical institutions with little knowledge of medical devices and relevant regulations, becoming “lambs to be slaughtered” in the eyes of merchants.Reflect on the medical beauty industry, “calf muscle block” and “9.9 one needle water light needle” is what kind of “medical beauty”?Some businesses are behind the creation of appearance anxiety by catering to malformed aesthetic trends for huge commercial gain.They regard industry laws and regulations as disregard, shoddy, fake simulation.If the unqualified equipment in this case flows into the medical beauty industry, it will be put on the table of consumers by unscrupulous merchants. No matter what the result is, consumers will pay the bill.It is understandable that consumers choose “medical cosmetology” in pursuit of beauty, but it is also necessary to know that “medical beauty” is not a panacea, and abnormal values and aesthetics are not desirable.”Right shoulder, fairy ears, high bridge of nose, chopstick legs” these are marketed out subjective beauty is what kind of beauty?Since we all exist in this world as individuals, who can define the standards of beauty?Beauty is supposed to come in all shapes and sizes, not all shapes and sizes.If the pursuit of beauty is equal to the pursuit of a template defined as “beautiful”, then people all over the world are the same look how terrible.Consumers should have their own unique and correct aesthetic appreciation, know what “beauty” looks like in their eyes, face up to themselves and accept themselves.Even if you choose MEDICAL beauty, you should consider carefully, choose the right project for yourself, carefully investigate whether medical beauty institutions and projects are regular, understand the potential risks of medical beauty projects, and make “medical beauty” under your own control, and never be a “leek” in the eyes of others.In this regard, I would like to say to all consumers that although medical beauty is “hot”, it should be “cold” and calm, and they should be responsible for their own beauty.

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