“Full police combat training” a year’s plan in the spring

Drums to forge ahead, hard training cast iron army.In order to further deepen the actual combat training of the whole police force, effectively improve the actual combat ability of the whole police force, the security ability and the ability to defeat the enemy, improve the overall quality of all civilian auxiliary police, strengthen the police integrity and discipline.Recently, longnan city public security organs all the actual combat soldiers spring training began.On February 15, the Public Security Bureau of Huizhou county organized a special training activity on the spot disposal of the minimum combat unit, which is the beginning of the 2022 actual combat training.Hui county public security bureau in accordance with the “start is decisive battle, the start is the sprint”, adhere to the “learning to use, for strong, practice for war, fight, win” principle, focus on “to all the police actual combat training of police training talented, motivating all p, booster system and mechanism construction, which strove to be the first to boost public security work to mass effect” four goals, to advance the whole police actual combat training.The special training on the spot disposal of the minimum combat unit of “Prevention of chopping and killing, Prevention of collision and prevention of explosion” aims at improving the cooperative combat ability of small units and the single combat ability of front-line police, and carries out the minimum combat unit training for actual combat skills such as anti-terrorism and stability maintenance, patrol tasks, emergency disposal, and the use and management of guns.The training was conducted with precise command and effective coordination. The instructors explained theories, demonstrated actions and commented on them. The team members had simulated experience and interactive communication, which maximized the combat effectiveness of the smallest combat unit and effectively improved their own quality and actual combat ability.In the training, the participating police dress code, police appearance, morale is high, to catch up with each other, not willing to lag behind, strive to challenge themselves, beyond the spirit of self, fully demonstrated the public security team of Hui County can bear hardships, can bear responsibility, brave and forge ahead of the spirit and good discipline style.Li County public security on February 15, Li County public security special patrol brigade vigorously seize the good opportunity of spring training, highly integrated current work, and strive to create a more firm political stance, professional quality more excellent, professional skills more exquisite, combat skills more excellent special patrol team.According to the implementation plan of spring training for actual combat soldiers of the county bureau, special patrol brigade targeted to carry out queue action, combat and emergency stick and other tactical skills training.During the period, all participating in the training team full of spirit, police appearance, strictly abide by the training discipline and requirements, fully carry forward the special police team members not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired fighting spirit, to ensure that the players really learn martial arts, to work, to create a good mental style and training atmosphere.Kang County Public Security traffic police On February 15 at 7:30 in the morning, Kang County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade in strict accordance with the county bureau training arrangements, actively carry out spring training activities, all civilian auxiliary police with high morale into training activities.The training activity, the brigade adhere to the overall situation, close to the actual combat as the goal, the spring training training as an important measure to improve the combat effectiveness of public security traffic control, the use of half an hour in the morning to carry out physical training, from strengthening the basic skills, set off a training queue, practice gestures, practice norms, practice style of upsurge.The training focuses on basic projects such as standing at attention, resting at ease, straddling, dressing up, saluting and finishing, stopping and turning, marching and standing.From the command gesture decomposition movement to coherent movement, one movement one movement practice, one detail one detail buckle, and strive for each movement standard, accurate and in place, neat and uniform, really achieve the purpose of temper style, improve quality.All participants always carry forward the spirit of “not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue” with correct attitude and full enthusiasm. They help each other learn from each other, make progress together, train carefully, complete every action in strict accordance with instructions, and devote themselves to the training.

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