Heavy snow during peak return journey!Railway departments to escort safety

On February 7, due to rain, snow and freezing weather in central China, some trains in Hunan will be delayed to varying degrees on beijing-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Kunming, Shichang, Jiaoliu and Yuhuai railway lines as well as beijing-Guangzhou, Zhangjihuai, Qianchang and Huaiheng high-speed railway lines.Hunan railway area units to snow as the order, quickly start emergency work plan, ice removal, equipment inspection, to ensure the safety of passengers transport.Changsha station organized 15 ice fighting and snow clearing teams to sweep ice and snow quickly, and laid straw MATS and other anti-skid items in platforms, tunnels, entrances and exits, and stairs to prevent passengers from slipping and falling.At the same time, preventive measures will be taken to comfort stranded passengers, reschedule tickets and reserve emergency supplies.Yiyang, Changde, Yueyang and other stations snow, 51 deicing and snow clearing commandos overnight action, in time to clean up the snow line, for the turnout smear antifreeze oil, check driving equipment and facilities, to ensure that driving equipment is in good condition.Clean the platform snow in time, strengthen the platform, aisle patrol, clean the edge of the platform snow and spread industrial salt to prevent snow freezing, and in the entrance, stair passage, platform and other key parts of the spread of anti-skid straw mat, to prevent passengers from slipping and wrestling.At the same time, additional manpower in the ticket office, verification, ticket gate, platform to do a good job of publicity and guidance of passengers.Please pay close attention to the weather, 12306 official website, “Guangzhou Railway” official weibo and wechat, and pay attention to the radio announcement of the corresponding station, and make reasonable arrangements for travel.Photo: Chen Junyan, Xie Yingjin, Li Can, Li Honghan, Wu Fan

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