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Recently, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and tourism identified yichun Wanzai Ancient City scenic area and other six founding units for the provincial cultural industry and tourism industry integration development demonstration area to have a look!Yichun Wanzai Ancient City · Tianxia Block is located in the core area of Wanzai County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. It is enclosed by Hexi Road in the north, Hexi Road in the east, Baita Road in the south and Zhonger Road in the west. The total area is about 1.84 square kilometers, and the core area is 15,800 square meters.It is the founding unit of national 4A level tourist scenic spot, jiangxi Province modern service industry agglomeration area, and the first jiangxi Province cultural and tourism industry integration demonstration area.Blocks in the nation’s largest cluster jiangxi sent many ancient ancestral hall, on the basis of tens of years of national intangible cultural, gan sent amorous feelings for the kernel architecture, into the local folk customs and way of life, with the advantages in the fireworks industry, through the visit jiangxi ancient dialogue history, using the new type of fireworks light up the night singing and dancing performances, integrate all load “six big bowl” cuisine and traditional folk snacks, wedding culture heritage of cultural relics ancestral hall,Experience the nuo drama of hualeng shenggu intangible cultural heritage performance, transform the ancient house boutique homesite and other measures, to create a very Jiangxi school cultural customs of the night cultural travel consumption block.Blocks around the “ancient city of night, night to watch fireworks, night food gan taste, night purchase intangible and overnight at old house” and other west jiangxi characteristic humanities formats, using big data analysis blocks within the product vitality, iteration constantly updated products, optimize the quality of service, has become the can simultaneously satisfy the local residents and tourists consumption demand of urban leisure new space at night.Located in the center of dongcheng district of Jingdezhen, the world porcelain capital, Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative Block reaches Laochang Road in the east, Tongbin Road in the west, Xinchang West Road in the south, and the north foot of Phoenix Mountain in the north. The total planning area is 2 square kilometers, and the construction area is 1.5 million square meters.Taoxi River is built and operated by Jingdezhen Taoyi Cultural Development Co., LTD., subordinate to Jingdezhen Taowen Tourism Group, and is a key project of the construction of Jingdezhen National Ceramic Cultural Inheritance and Innovation Pilot Zone.Taoxichuan, with the former Cosmic Porcelain Factory as the core starting area, integrates tradition + fashion + art + high-tech, highlights the international style and strong experience characteristics, and becomes the successful transformation sample of the old ceramic factory, the model of industrial development and upgrading and new urbanization construction.Through structural transformation and vitality reconstruction, it has successfully transformed from traditional manufacturing industry to cultural creative industry, cultural tourism and modern service industry, realizing the deep integration of tradition and modernity, culture and technology, production and life, exerting positive influence at home and abroad, and forming a “tao Xi Chuan” phenomenon in the industry.Fuzhou Wenchangli Historical and Cultural Block is located in the northeast of the downtown area of Fuzhou, from Gandong Avenue in the north, to Daihu in the south, zhongzhoudi Road in the east and Fuhe river in the west, with a core area of more than 980 mu.It is the birth and growth place, literary creation place and resting place of Tang Xianzu, the “Oriental opera saint” of Ming Dynasty.Blocks based on jade long flower, tang xianzu family cemetery, Chinese opera museum, focus on making town in Chinese opera, is currently in jiangxi province, the largest and best-preserved historical and cultural blocks, national 4 a level scenic spots, through the national intangible cultural entertainment show, night, searches for the peony pavilion large immersive performance, wen gen products forms provide a rich night tour consumption forms,Outstanding regional characteristics.Ji ‘an Luling Cultural Valley is located in the core area of the city center, north to Guhouhe Qinglan Island, south to Planning Road, west to Jinggangshan Avenue, east to Guhouhe, covering an area of 0.48 square kilometers.It is 80 kilometers away from Jinggang Mountain and 10 minutes from the high-speed railway station. As a purely private culture and tourism enterprise, it carries forward the socialist core values and invests 1.5 billion yuan to build 160,000 square meters of culture and tourism consumption gathering area at night. It has been awarded the national 4A level tourist attraction and has been reported by CCTV news media 13 times.Blocks through 17 champions, 18 ZaiFu, 3000 jinshi GengDou family heirloom, brave buddhist LuLing spirit and thousands of workers and peasants under gian jinggang red gene, will travel 5 million times a year in jinggangshan led tourism gian, realize LuLing humanities valley “night” “night” “feed” night “night purchase” “night” and the “vigil”,It increases tourists’ confidence and admiration for Luling and red culture, and prolongs consumers’ stay time and favorable impression of “Luling City that never sleeps”.Ink Shanghe Scenic spot ink Shanghe Is located in Yutan Shanghe Village, Qiukou Town, Wuyuan County, 10 kilometers away from the county seat.Is a collection of cultural tourism and art exchanges in one of the large cultural tourism industry cluster.The planning and design of the project takes “Wuyuan painting in ink, Riverside scene on Qingming Festival” as the artistic conception and takes art exchange as the platform to create a new world of cultural tourism where the simple and elegant Hui culture and quiet natural ecology are integrated to promote the exchange and development of international culture and art.The project covers a total land area of 645 mu, including 200 mu for construction, 85.72 million square meters for construction, and 445 mu for tourism.699 Cultural Creative Park is located at 699 Shanghai Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It was founded in 2011, formerly known as Jiangxi Hua ‘an Knitting Factory.Uphold the protection, inheritance and innovation, the development of the idea, park on the basis of retain original architectural appearance, according to the principle of repairing old as sweet, by importing the cultural creative element to repair the old factory and creative transformation, built by all kinds of creative design, culture, education and training, film music production, artist studio, performing arts exhibition and so on as the main formats,It is a one-stop comprehensive park integrating enterprises from all links of the cultural and creative industry chain with cultural sightseeing tourism, cultural taste catering, sports and fitness and other leisure industries as a complement.Also released a batch of cultural industry and tourism integration development demonstration area in jiangxi province to create units left left left to startan respectively is: the yingge international porcelain valley scenic area of ganzhou city: jiangnan songcheng historical and cultural tourism in ganzhou city, jiangxi lane 1969 cultural creative industrial park, xinyu: fairy lake scenic spot in jiangxi yi chun city: soup culture tourist resort yi chun city:Palace three blocks nanchang cultural tourism: Jiang Xian righteousness, an ancient village of scenic spot, nanchang, yiyang county, strange stone mountain scenic spot: the dream home scenic jiujiang: wuning county, jiujiang city west bay scenic spot: the hometown of xiushui county double Wells huang tingjian scenic area of pingxiang, xian feng sanbao scenic area in fuzhou city: red gong scenic spot after it: sichuan mouth ecological island scenic spot source: yichun daily WeChat coordinating editor: keyboard

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