Strange car parking block channel, the owner’s behavior provoked public anger, the owner: or refund or continue to block

Believe that for small area of the underground garage owner, every car owners can buy a parking space in a garage, convenient parking, but sometimes a small area of the garage parking is very unique, such as fire hydrant occupies a space, parking with a hole on the parking, and today the car is wonderful work, location is blocked the passage way of others.From zhejiang, underground garage, a district have a parking space, parking space is not ok, as long as after a parking place on directly blocked the secure channel, and a car or a van, open space of particularly big, the owner of the car and parked the car on purpose of the aisle, dock after the space, even children are so small.The owner of this behavior is also angered a lot of owners, owners have said that this affects their travel, every morning to go to work in a hurry to go out here, but it is difficult to park this car past, some owners are to send children to school, so small space in the children can not go, how to go?So what does the parking lot owner think?The owner said he bought the parking space to park how he wanted to park, when he bought a parking space, did not think it would be in this position, and no one said to himself, if not to let yourself park in this parking space, then where should his car park.Also have no way to see the owner is so tough, owner, only to find property and see how to settle the matter, said property developer division of parking at the time when also oneself also don’t know there is such a car, sell when they sell out at that time, thought this car so affected traffic, but is that car owners to buy, he really has the right to park your car there,I can’t help it.Hearing the property’s answer, the owners have said that it will not work, under the consistent requirements of the owners, the property agreed to come forward and the car owners to communicate.When the owner and the property management found the man, the man said that his car would have no place to park if it did not stop on the parking space, if you think my parking space is in the way, you can return my parking space, but to sell the parking space money back to me, that is, either the money back to me, or I can only continue to park there.Because the man’s answer to the property said there was no way, the developer sold his parking space property side can not be managed, can only communicate with the developer.I also said that I would negotiate with the developer as soon as possible to see how to solve this matter, but it can only be solved, just look at the situation there.Since the property has said so, the owners did not continue to ask, as to whether the parking space is returned, the money returned to the owner or can only continue to park in this way, it needs follow-up treatment.Many netizens have their own opinions for this matter, some netizens said the apparent is the issue of developers, parking space is divided into the responsibility of the developer, the developer doesn’t take into account the prevailing problems, to install a parking space on this position, only for parking Spaces to earn more money, but the parking has affected the general owners, must want to return.But there are also a lot of netizens support the owners of the practice, because this is the car owner to buy their own parking space, this has the right to park, otherwise the owner parked in other people’s parking space, occupied other people’s parking space will be property trouble.But this matter is ultimately the developer’s fault, the developer of the parking space division is not careful enough to appear this situation.Pictures from the network, infringement contact deletion

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