Africa Cup of Nations: Cameroon v Egypt, Greece: Artemitos v Lamia

Click follow to learn more.Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon VS Egypt (2022.02.04, 03:00)Cameroon, ranked 50th in the world, qualified as top of their group before knocking out comoros and beating Gambia 2-0 with a dominant second-half strike from Ekambe.Cameroon have played well in the African Cup of Nations and are unbeaten so far.Cameroon’s attack is firming up, but the defence is still to be strengthened.Egypt:Egypt is currently ranked 45th, the team in the group with second successful promotion, after the team through the penalty kicks out the ivory coast, the team in the game on the wheel and Morocco, both within 90 minutes of a tie, David trezeguet scored winner of overtime, eliminate a rival team succeed, team to the African cup of nations after it has been only 1 failure,But many of the games ended in penalties and overtime, the winning ability is still to improve.To the African cup, in a recent meeting between the two, 2-1 victory over Egypt, Cameroon Cameroon offensive and defensive performance is stable, performance is also very good this year’s African cup, Egypt’s overall performance and unbeaten rate is high, but the team winning ability still needs to be enhanced, it we think both sides are likely to draw in 90 minutes.Allomitos: It has not been a good season for the biancocelesti, who were dominant but not as effective in attack in their last visit to iani, losing 2-1.After this service, the recent team suffered 1 draw, 5 losses and 6 rounds of defeat, the current team only got 10 points league ranking 13, the situation is still unfavorable.Atteromitos offensive end output relatively weak, defensive end loophole is not small, is the league in the team threw the most ball.At home, the team has a winning rate of just over 200 and has lost two games in a row in the last two home games.Close the:Pull tight and the overall performance is not very stable, but the recent condition is improved, the team in the league last home game against clay, two five minutes at the last minute goals, the team a 2-1 defeat opponent, the team recent state after it or improve obviously, 2 win 1 draw three rounds of unbeaten, currently ranked eleventh with 18 points,The integration picture is not good either.Lamia offensive output is weak, recently improved, the defensive line is also steady.On the road, the team has a winning percentage of over 200, and has not won a game on the road in four consecutive games.In the Greek Super League, the two sides won 1 and drew 6 in the last 6 meetings, and the two teams ended in a draw for many times. The condition of The Atro continues to be low, and the recent situation of Lamia is stable. We believe that Lamia has the ability to take points from away and return.For more exciting content, follow Shoot Sports

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