Langfang: Taxpayers can make an online appointment for annual individual income tax settlement

Members of the public experience the booking service for individual income tax settlement under the guidance of the staff.On February 16, the taxation Bureau of Guangyang District of Langfang city of the State Administration of Taxation invited 10 natural persons and 2 withholding agents to come and experience the tax booking function of individual income tax in 2021 on the first day of its launch.In the tax service hall, the tax cadre explained the latest individual income tax announcement and tax policy to the taxpayer who came to experience it, guided the taxpayer to scan the code to download the individual income tax APP and made an appointment successfully.It is understood that the period from March 1, 2022 to June 30, 2021 will usher in the annual summary of individual income tax.In order to improve the efficiency of tax handling and the experience of declaration, and to prevent the inconvenience caused by the cluster handling in the initial period of settlement, the tax department provides appointment tax handling service this year.Starting from February 16, taxpayers can make an appointment between March 1 and March 15 on the personal income tax APP from 6:00 to 22:00 every day.No appointment is required between March 16 and June 30.”The newly launched personal income tax settlement appointment service is very thoughtful, very practical, to achieve the wrong peak handling of tax groups, I believe that this year’s personal income tax settlement work will bring us a new experience.”Langfang City Ruiqing electrical equipment Co., Ltd. accounting Li Jianli said.Natural person Mr. Zhou experience, praised: “the tax department in order to enhance the experience of handling tax, the introduction of appointment service is very humane, and personal tax APP login to face recognition, do not have to worry about personal information stolen, very at ease.”At the launch of the ninth “Spring Breeze Action” of the tax system, Guangyang District Tax Bureau immediately carried out training and publicity and promotion after the launch of individual income tax booking service, and issued propaganda posters and operation guidelines through various channels such as tax service hall and tax enterprise wechat group.Next, Guangyang District Tax Bureau will further do a good job of individual tax booking tax counseling work, improve the efficiency of tax handling and declaration experience of taxpayers, to prevent the initial calculation of cluster handling.In addition, the elderly, the disabled and other special groups with difficulties in annual individual income tax calculation will be provided with door-to-door personalized “fine services” according to the application of taxpayers, to ensure the smooth development of individual income tax calculation in 2021.(Correspondent Zhang Yijing, Han Mingxia, reporter Miao Yueping) Source: Langfang Metropolis Daily pays attention to Hebei News Network for the latest news in Hebei.

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