Linqu Dongcheng Street: “Red Party flag” lead “voluntary red” this Spring Festival is not a “red”

During the Spring Festival, families get together to enjoy delicious food, enjoy programs and talk with family members, opening the New Year mode in different ways.However, there are such a group of people, when people are immersed in the festive atmosphere of the festival, they sacrifice the opportunity to reunite with their families, stick to every corner of the city.They are volunteers, who send light and heat to people’s families with a bright “volunteer red”.Since this year, dongcheng street party give full play to the demonstration leading role of party members, leading the enthusiastic crowd, returning students actively participate in volunteer service, they are active in environment management, epidemic prevention and control, vaccination, compulsory publicity, information collection, such as a line, focus on the masses “distress sorrow hope”, let the “red flag” lead “volunteer red”,We will continue to increase the people’s sense of gain and happiness.

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