Step into the community grid worker’s day

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Cui Lihui correspondent Jiang Kunzhao The pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer, the busy figure of grid members has never stopped, ordinary post day after day, year after year, information collection, policy publicity, civil situation collection, security investigation, conflict mediation, epidemic prevention and control……Spring Festival is coming, let’s have a look at the grid members of Guangrao street in Guangrao County are busy with what?Near the Spring Festival, in order to help some people in difficulty through the year.Grid workers and community workers visited the residents living in difficulties in the area, learned about their living conditions and physical conditions in detail, and extended greetings and blessings of the New Year to them, encouraging them to be positive and optimistic and brave to face life difficulties.Although it is a simple few words of sympathy and concern, but has let the living difficulties of the Party members, the masses of the family moved, they sincerely thank the Party and the government for their care and help, said that they will be optimistic and positive in the face of life encountered difficulties.In the twelfth lunar month, residents happily prepare food for the New Year. Household appliances are in full fire, which is also the peak fire season.In order to ensure that residents can have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, grid members launched a fire and electricity safety knowledge publicity activities.At the same time, in order to further implement the notice of banning fireworks, grid members actively sent relevant publicity materials to households to guide residents to actively participate in the banning work and consciously resist the illegal behavior of setting off fireworks.They travel to every corner of the grid, checking fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and acting as security guards for residents.With the advent of the New Year, telecom network fraud crime into an active period, a variety of criminal methods of renovation, emerge in endlessly, so that many people suffer economic losses.In order to avoid residents cheated, grid members opened a new round of propaganda offensive.Them into homes, promote “the national center for anti cheat APP” face to face, patience to help residents to download and teach its correct use, combined with some actual cases happened in recent years in detail explained the telecom fraud to the idiomatic means and methods, to protect the residents “purse”, effectively raise the residents’ awareness and prevention capacity.Recently, the epidemic situation across the country has shown a serious situation. As the Spring Festival approaches, the number of people who have returned to their hometowns has gradually increased. Screening of foreign people is the key to epidemic prevention and control, as well as an important link of scientific and accurate epidemic prevention.In order to ensure the life and health safety of residents, grid staff strengthened the publicity of epidemic prevention and control, and reminded people to gather as little as possible through household visits and wechat groups.At the end of the year, there were a large number of people who had returned to their hometowns. Grid workers carefully screened students and migrant workers who had returned to their hometowns, and grasped real-time data one by one through phone calls, wechat messages and household visits. Six high-risk groups and those who had escaped from the closed and controlled areas were immediately sent to the isolation point for centralized isolation.Remind the businesses in the area of customers into the store must carry out ledger registration, temperature measurement, double code inspection, do a good job in the site elimination work.

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