Innolux: focus on higher value LCD panel products

According to DIGITIMES, Jim Hung, chairman and CEO of LCD panel manufacturer Innolux, said that the company’s core business strategy is to focus on customized, high value-added products rather than bulk shipment of standard specifications.Hong jinyang pointed out that Innolux has become the world’s largest supplier of LCD panels for 4K + displays and high-end LCD panels for medical displays.With Samsung Display and LG Display gradually stopping production of LCD panels, LCD panel prices are stabilizing, which is conducive to the healthy development of the LCD panel industry, Hong said.Innolux set up a business division to incubate entrepreneurial teams that are believed to be helpful to innolux’s future business.Innolux collaborates with RapidSignage to develop the innolux advertising cloud platform, which is a new business unit.Innolux also works with RapidSinage, Litemax, E Ink Holdings (EIH), Netronix and Kyt International Media,Integrated innolun advertising cloud platform with LCD screen and electronic paper display developed by EIH into multi-functional display system of Taipei metro train in Taiwan, China.(Proofreading/Seven seven)

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