MAO Zedong instructed Yao Xueyin to finish li Zicheng

Yao Xueyin Yao Xueyin “li” in the late Ming dynasty peasant rebel army led by li change from weak to strong, of overthrowing the rule of the Ming and the fight against the qing south as the main clue, and recreates the multiple points of view overcame the history of the Ming dynasty’s style and peasant rebel army from – and sad ending, reveals the law of development of peasant wars and the historical movement.The novel is a multi-faceted achievement, but it was written under MAO zedong’s watchful eye.At an enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in July 1966, MAO Zedong saw Wang Renzhong, secretary of the CPC Central Committee of Hubei Province, as a non-observer. He called to his side and instructed, “Yao Xueyin’s Li Zicheng is divided into two volumes.I’ve read the first book. It’s good.You inform the city of Wuhan, protect him and let him finish.”The next morning, Wang renzhong conveyed MAO’s instructions to the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee.This instruction not only saved li Zicheng’s manuscript from being burned, but also protected Yao Xueyin from being condemned and imprisoned herself.However, due to various reasons, Yao Xueyin could not sit down to finish li Zicheng, and could not finish revising the second volume she had written.A friend suggested that Yao write to MAO for help.But in the context of the time, writing letters was very dangerous.So Yao wrote to Song Yiping, the leader of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, asking if there was any way to get the letter directly to MAO zedong.After discussing with Hu Qiaomu, Song Yiping wrote back, saying that there was a way to transfer the letter, and said that considering Chairman MAO’s eye disease, the letter should be written with a brush in large characters.On December 18, 1975, Yao xueyin wrote to MAO Zedong and reported on her work.The letter, together with hu qiaomu’s report for forwarding it, was soon delivered to MAO zedong.MAO Zedong read, in Hu Qiaomu turned the report on the instructions: printed and distributed political Bureau comrades, I agree with him to write “Li Zicheng” novel two volumes, three volumes to five volumes.During the “Cultural Revolution”, MAO Zedong protected Yao Xueyin twice, which led to the completion of the famous historical novel Li Zicheng.

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