Not just 23 points!Xiaoding is back in three steps, or the MVP, next year waiting for Du Feng call

In the CBA regular season on March 15th, Tianjin team beat Shandong team 134-124, and won the game through a wave of the last quarter, which temporarily ranked the 11th and had entered the playoff list. Tianjin team’s strong performance in the third stage surprised many people.On the other hand, the Shandong team suddenly found themselves in an awkward situation. Their playoff position was relatively secure, but they were constantly in the gutter and often played chaotic games.After the decline in results, only one more win than the following Beikong, Xinjiang, the situation is very dangerous, the head coach Xu Changsuo has become the object of criticism.Although the shandong team performance is not good, but Ding Yanyuhang’s recovery or to everyone’s surprise, perhaps after a summer of adjustment, he will not be too far back to the peak, when the Shandong team has the opportunity to go on a step.Against Tianjin, Ding scored 23 points, hitting 4-of-6 from 2-point range and 4-of-5 from 3-point range. The most important thing is that he is much more comfortable on the court than he was at the beginning of the season.Since the 2018 farewell due to injury, Ding Yanyuhang has not stood on the CBA court for too long, even if he returned to Shandong, because of physical reasons did not return, about his news is mainly the team management and Gong Xiaobin conflict, many people believe that Ding may end his career.Fortunately, after many efforts last summer, but also to catch up with shandong men’s basketball team to change the owner, the new coaching staff Gong Luming, Xu Changsuo ding Yanyuhang has been appreciated, he smoothly appeared in the new season.Since comeback, Ding Yanyuhang is experienced three steps.CBA the first stage, the shandong team gave Ding Yanyu navigation is more adapt to the game time, although the first game against BeiKong get 19 points moved a lot of fans, but it is undeniable that for a long time after his replacement, xiaoding’s power, speed was reduced by a lot, it is hard to the rim on the offensive end, three points is more of a floating outside shots, but he still feel good,He scored 34 points against Tongxi and 24 against Beikong until he made a ton of two-point shots against Jilin.Ding’s offensive problems are easy to solve in this period, but he’s certainly not passing the mark on defense with 3 games left.The second stage of Ding Yanyuhang training was accidentally injured by the opponent, and a large number of public opinion, that his body is a glass constitution, it is difficult to withstand the high intensity of the game.We have seen the performance of Ding Yanyuhang in the third stage recently. She has played 5 games and scored 12 points, 15 points, 10 points, 15 points and 23 points respectively. Unfortunately, the change is that the proportion of two-point shots is provided, and the number of hits to the basket and the middle distance is improving, which also means that Ding Yanyuhang’s physical condition is enough to adapt to higher intensity.It may be unrealistic to expect Ding to return to his two-time MVP form, but as long as he’s healthy, he’s still a top player in the CBA.The most obvious reference point is Abduselamu, who struggled in his first season and is now the all-powerful Xinjiang captain.If Ding yanyuhang can find himself like Abdushalam, then next season is his breakout time.In the past two years, in addition to Zhou Peng, several other local small forwards have been troubled by injuries one after another, so that people put their hopes on Zhang Zhenlin and Qi Lin. However, it is too early to mention the succession at present. Ding Yanyuhang may enter Du Feng’s vision next year and return to the national team.

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