The international standard of ceramic lining tubing developed by Shaanxi China Petroleum Engineering Materials Research Institute was released

On February 7, the reporter learned from the Science and technology Department of Shaanxi Province that the international standard ISO 24565 “Ceramic lining tubing for petroleum and natural gas industry” was formally released recently, led by the Engineering Materials Research Institute of China Petroleum Group, a scientific research unit in Shaanxi.This means that China’s ceramic lined tubing ranks among the international standard rule makers, opens a new chapter from product internationalization to standard internationalization, and fills the gap of China’s leading international standard of oil pipe products.The standard mainly specifies the manufacturing process, material requirements, mechanical properties, inspection and test of ceramic lined tubing used in oil and gas industry, and is applicable to the manufacturing and remanufacturing of new (old) ceramic lined tubing used in oil recovery and water injection.Ceramic lined tubing is a kind of high-tech product which combines the ceramic layer in the inner wall of tubing by using “self-propagating high-temperature synthesis method”. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-scaling and so on. Its anticorrosion performance is more than 30 times that of ordinary tubing, and it is especially suitable for oil and water well conditions with serious corrosion, scaling and waxing.Relying on national and provincial scientific research projects and cooperation with equipment manufacturing enterprises, CNPC Engineering Materials Research Institute has conquered the key technology of ceramic lined tubing manufacturing, standardized the manufacturing process of ceramic lined tubing, and realized industrial production and large-scale application.To develop six oil tube lined with ceramic material pipe evaluation test new technology and new equipment (all authorized invention patent), determine the oil tube lined with ceramic key performance test methods and technical indicators, has been clear about the technical requirements of the application of the oil tube lined with ceramic, open up the old tubing “little energy consumption, zero emission, no pollution” new field of green manufacturing and recycling,Make it an effective measure to reduce carbon emissions.According to the introduction, because the developed countries in the traditional oil pipe products manufacturing field has a long history of development and technical accumulation, has been leading the formulation of international standards for oil pipe products for a long time, formed a profound technical barrier, China in the field of international standards for oil pipe products leading the formulation of product standards are difficult.In May 2018, based on the research results, the Engineering Materials Research Institute submitted the international standard proposal of ceramic Lined Tubing for oil and Gas Industry.After more than a year of repeated discussion, communication and negotiation, SC5 Sub-Committee voted to approve the project successfully in October 2019, and led the establishment of WG5 (Lined Tubing and casing) international working group, with Dr. Li Houbu from Engineering Materials Research Institute as the convenor.The establishment of THE WG5 working group expands the scope of SC5 from the traditional steel oil well pipe to the lined oil well pipe, and provides a demonstration for the green and low-carbon standardization transformation of ISO/TC67.Under the leadership and support of State Administration for Market Regulation, Science and Technology Management Department of PETROCHINA, Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Province and Market Supervision Administration, ENGINEERING Materials Research Institute has set up an “all-round team” with high technical literacy, strong English ability and master of international standard system and revision rules.Led the preparation of international standards with 15 international experts from 7 countries including Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, France, Italy and Germany.At the same time, more than 50 experts from 19 domestic institutes, including scientific research institutes, manufacturing enterprises, oilfield users, testing institutions, universities and other units have been set up to participate in the formulation of standards.After nearly 3 years of game negotiation and experimental verification, 3 international working group meetings and 3 domestic working group meetings were held successively, and 225 opinions were collected, which was finally approved by ISO voting and officially released.The successful release of the standard shows that China’s technical ability and international standard discourse power in the field of petroleum pipe material have been significantly improved, and will also lay a foundation for effectively avoiding international trade barriers, promoting industrial technological progress and green and low-carbon development of the industry.Author: Zhou Li

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