With 1.5T power 6.95 seconds to break 100, the top with only 128,000, Trumpchi shadow leopard comparable to the same joint venture?

Shadow Leopard, recently the topic is quite hot, just like the civic, obviously this is not a good news, because most of the netizens are in a joking tone to express.When we first came into contact with Shadow Leopard, a few days after the manufacturer announced the EMPOW55 model, we experienced the non-production version of the model named Shadow Leopard. On the way to the test drive, we could only think of the acceleration capability of 6.95 seconds in the official announcement video.Because at present, all the compact cars on sale in the domestic car market, and their positioning is not a performance car, coupled with the pricing range of Shadow Leopard, can run within 7 seconds of the car can be said to be very few, so we concluded at that time, as long as the volume still win this result, the popular model is not gone.We didn’t have to wait too long for Trumpchi to announce the official launch of Shadowleopard, with an official price range of 983 to 128,000 yuan and an official 100 km acceleration time of 6.95 seconds.It is worth mentioning that all shadow Leopard models are equipped with the same type of engine, which means that if you choose the lowest version, you can also experience the pleasure of acceleration within 7 seconds. The official starting price of less than 100,000 yuan means that Shadow Leopard has become the fastest car at the same price.Therefore, in the vigorous promotion after the launch, the sales volume of Shadow Leopard began to increase day by day, and the monthly sales volume successfully exceeded 10,000 sets. In 2021, it achieved a good result of over 43,000 sets, which was very rare for it to be launched for about four months.Let’s review the design part first. As a sports car built on THE GPMA R platform, Shadow Leopard is clearly targeted at the post-1995 or even post-2000 generation, so it adopts a rather radical idea in appearance.For example, the front part of our actual shooting model is the top part, so it is equipped with sports kit. In addition, Shadow Leopard adopts the design concept derived from fighter elements, such as polygonal elements on both sides of the grille, just like the square air inlet of fighter jets.There is no problem with the design of full-led lights on both sides. LED daily running lights adopt a style similar to leopard’s paw, which can be easily identified after lighting up and have adaptive near and far light.Although the main sport, but also considered the domestic consumers to take into account the demand of household, so the size performance is also good, 4700*1850*1432mm length, width and height and 2736mm wheelbase, the space performance is basically comparable to Sagitar, so it can meet a family of four travel, do not worry about their pursuit of sports and ignore the family.And from the body design, after reducing the front suspension and vehicle height, quite low lie down effect, the roof and slightly slip back processing, with 18 inches of dual-color multi-spoke wheel, and yellow brake calipers embellish, there is no problem naturally.Tail design window is not little, but compared with the sharp or convergence of the head.For example, the trunk line tends to be normal, but it adopts a small duckling of good size, and with slender taillight on both sides, the width light and brake light under THE APPLICATION of LED light can also ensure basic recognition when lit. Unfortunately, the turn light is a halogen light source, which is not desirable.The bottom encircled by the use of bilateral four exhaust layout, it is a real thing, and trumpchi has been carefully tuned for sound, deep and mellow rumble is adrenaline pumping.Interior part, I do not know what you expect is the effect of outstanding better, if it is the same as the appearance of a stronger sense of movement, then it may be slightly disappointed, but if it is the pursuit of a more high-tech sense, but also can meet.Because the overall style of the central console is more simple, the symmetrical embrace of the central control looks more at home, and the double LCD screen design is to ensure the atmosphere of science and technology, want to reflect the sense of sport can only rely on the flat multi-functional steering wheel and quite a taste of fighter gear shift rod design.In addition, the door handle, gear area is also decorated with bright carbon fiber texture panel, with more soft and leather fabric application, the vehicle grade sense is also good.The performance of configuration is also in line with expectations, especially for the top-equipped version of this test drive, L2 level driver assistance system is not absent, and even the lower-equipped version can enjoy most of the functions, enough to meet the driving requirements of most road conditions.As a result, the top-of-the-line version features more practical features such as a 10.25-inch full LCD meter, wireless charging in the front of the phone, front seat electric adjustment and heating, as well as multimedia voice recognition controls, gesture controls, facial recognition and OTA upgrades.As for the ride experience, first of all, the seat design of Shadow Leopard is not biased towards sports, it seems to be more suitable for urban travel, such as broad thick chair back, packaging is not bad, but the color highlights a certain sense of vitality, coupled with the comfort configuration mentioned just now, so the ride comfort is guaranteed.The space performance is also ok, after all, it has a dominant wheelbase, so the adult male is more than 2 fist legroom in the back seat, close to the level of the back seat of a medium car.Finally, we will talk about the performance of the power part. The reason why Trumpchi Has excellent performance lies in its third-generation Giant Wave 1.5T engine, which has a maximum power of 130kW and a maximum torque of 270N·m, which is much stronger than civic.In addition to technical advantages, such as forged oil rail, 350bar direct injection pressure, water-cooled intercooler with double channel pressurization, many “black technology” alongside the body, the official claims that the thermal efficiency of the power is as high as 40.48%.At this time, it matched the 7-block wet dual-clutch gearbox and achieved only 6.95 seconds of 100km acceleration, almost beating the joint venture competitors at the same level and price.Conclusion: For the price, THE official guide price of 128,000 yuan to buy a compact car with the top version breaking 100 in 7 seconds, I think it is full of sincerity.Choosing a joint venture at this price is no more than matching Lavida and Sylsey at a low price, while there are not many excellent models of independent brands. Therefore, the appearance of Shadow Leopard does provide a better choice. After all, its product power is almost perfect under the support of price.

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