Citizens picked up a car key, police with “stupid method” to find the owner

Changjiang daily big client in wuhan February 16 (reporter Wei Na correspondent zhang min Hear jun) at seven o ‘clock on February 14, citizens Mr MAO came home from work, walk near the close south garden 2, found that glowed like something on the ground, he went over and is a key to Toyota car remote control car, he gave a blast on the lock key, near the car all have no reaction,So he called 110 and asked the police to deal with it.MAO returned the car keys to Tong in Zhejiang on the spot.Reporter Wen Period Jun photo east Lake High-tech Zone public security branch guanggu World police station received an alarm, police on duty Shu Deqiang arrived at the scene, he found that the Toyota car key key ring is bad, it is likely to be not on the belt, because the ring QQ is not on, so dropped.Shu deqiang based on experience judgment, that day is the school registration day, there are several schools nearby, the car key owner can be near the school?Shu Deqiang took the car keys along the road to find.Shu drove the police car slowly along the road while his colleague held the key and pressed the “unlock button” on the way. Less than 500 meters from where he found the key, a Toyota sedan responded.Shu Deqiang saw that it was a Toyota car with zhejiang license plate, and the contact information of the car owner was left on the windshield.After a phone call, the owner, Mr. Tong, did not realize that the car keys were missing.Mr. Tong said that he had driven to Wuhan from Zhejiang province to send his child to school. He pinned his car keys to his belt because his child had too many things to carry. After that, he helped him clean up his belongings in the dormitory, and then took him shopping.MAO returned the car keys to Tong in Zhejiang on the spot.Reporter Wen Period jun photo received the police after the call, Mr. Tong rushed to the parking space, opened the door to take out the vehicle documents.It was confirmed that the vehicle registration information was consistent with Mr. Tong’s personal information, and the items on the vehicle were not lost.MAO returned the car keys to Tong on the spot, and Shu deqiang reminded him to keep his valuables safe.Mr. Tong said, fortunately met warm-hearted Wuhan and responsible police, such as his car keys are missing, do not know where to drop, that he can not return to Zhejiang for a while, think about it all big!For this, he said a special “thank you” to Mr. MAO.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.

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