For China to win the ninth gold, such a combination of gods without marriage is really difficult to end

Figure skaters usually start to pair up at the age of ten. They are childhood sweethearts and have a lot of movements and contact in training competitions. It is better to have a tacit understanding of mutual trust and mutual achievement.Coupled with the fact that figure skating often performs the theme of love in the competition, the two not only need skillful movements but also convey emotions, which can be said to cultivate the soil of love at the right time, right place and right people.Article | financial gossip girl author: Huang Mu Xiao late February 19, SuiWenJing, Han Cong on the figure skating sport games are legion added a gold for China.In the competition, the two men performed flawlessly in lifting, twisting, jumping, spinning and other techniques. The story with their own experience as the background makes people feel deeply involved in it, and this gold medal is deserved.The day before, in the short program, the pair went crazy, breaking their own world record with 84.41 points.As the front-line personnel of melon eating, today we do not discuss the athletes’ smooth ice skills, beautiful music and dancing clothes and the movement jumping that challenges the limits of human body, but only the intimacy and affection of the two hot people make people blush.Would like to ask: such a pair of beautiful people cooperation for a long time, do not get married, good end?1./ Are the new Olympic champions father and daughter?Best friend?A couple?Olympic champions Sui Wenjing and Han Cong have been playing together for 15 years. They are affectionately known by their fans as the “Green Onion Bucket group” (” Green onion “is han Cong, of course, and” barrel “because Sui wenjing has always had a fat waist).Both are from Harbin, Heilongjiang province. Han Cong was born in 1992, sui wenjing three years younger.Childhood sweethearts who have trained together since their teens, the two have won accolades together over the past 15 years, as well as going through painful times together.In the 2009-2010 season, 17-year-old Han Cong and 14-year-old Sui Wenjing participated in the international youth competition for the first time. Together, they won four major competitions, including the junior Grand Prix Final and the World Youth Championships.Since then, they have made persistent efforts to achieve the “three consecutive crowns” in pairs skating at the World Youth Championships. Their outstanding achievements have won the praise of “figure skating prodigy pair” and become the key training objects of the National team.However, into the adult group competition, the two are not smooth.In 2012, they won their first Four Continents title, which has long been seen as a litmus test for top players.Be satisfied with oneself during full, sui Wenjing ligament is torn, and injury breaks out continuously.After the 2013 World Championships in Canada, Sui fell to the ground in pain after the music ended, unable to stand, kneeling on the ice to cover her face and crying.Since then, the pair have had some ups and downs, missing out on the 2014 Sochi Olympics.2016 was their “darkest moment”, Sui Wenjing injury did not improve, then decided to accept both feet and ankle repair surgery, after the operation is to enter a long period of rehabilitation.Han Cong “never gives up”, every day to the hospital clock, give “teammates” the most precious warmth and comfort.More than half a year of rehabilitation, Han Cong has been accompanied by the side, even commercial performances, Han Cong also had to use a wheelchair to push Sui Wenjing appeared on the ice.The audience burst into applause.At the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships, the pair won their first world title, becoming China’s third pairs skating world champion after Shen Xue/Zhao Hongbo and Pang Qing/Tong Jian.At the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong entered the final with a 6-point lead in the short program, and as long as they made no mistakes, or even just one mistake, the title was theirs.As a result, they made two mistakes and finished second by 0.43 points.But this time they came back and won the Olympic Gold medal in front of their hometown, which is really gratifying.After all these years together, are they a couple?Despite being gossiped about many times online, both denied it.But there are some dirty little secrets that can’t be kept under wraps.For example, in an interview, Han Cong said, “There is nothing left but marriage.”Sui Wenjing immediately interjected: “he now is hard to fry CP(lovers), I have no recruit.”Han Cong quibble said: “I did not fry CP.”Sui Wenjing retorts: “you can pull down.”Han Cong said: “I and you fried CP ah, don’t make trouble, we are good friends.”The scene burst into laughter.In the run-up to every game, the two hold hands and look into each other’s eyes as they warm up.The interaction was extremely interesting.Han Cong usually in a lot of small things on Sui Wenjing quite a lot of care, Sui Wenjing jokingly called each other “two dad”, will also be defined as the relationship between father and daughter.However, when a boy kisses a girl on her chest after a performance, does it really make people wonder if this is a pure “father-daughter relationship”?Last year, when asked about their relationship in CCTV’s “Man in the Olympic Year”, Sui said with a hint of depth, “Who knows in the future?”They don’t say, we are not in a hurry, waiting for the truth to come out that day.2./ “Except for sleeping, we’ve been inseparable for 16 years.”A pair of ice dancers who have been together for 16 years at the Winter Olympics are getting crushed by Internet users for every unintentional gesture they make.They are Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu, a Chinese ice dance group.In the free dance of figure skating at the Winter Olympics, which ended on February 14, they ranked 12th with a total score of 184.42, setting a new record for Chinese ice dance!Ice dancing and pair skating are two different sports.To put it simply, the event in which two people hold hands all the time is called ice dancing. The event in which a man occasionally “throws” his female partner onto the ice is called pairs skating. In addition, women can wear long skirts or long skirts while women wear short skirts.Wang and Liu were both born in 1994 in Changchun, Jilin province. The tall, fierce Liu is five months younger than wang, who is petite and charming.They became teammates at the age of 8 and teamed up at the age of 11. They began ice dance training in 2005.Two career in adolescence out of the “accident”, the girl Wang Shiyue’s height stays at 163CM, the boy Liu Xinyu is not careful to grow to 190CM, 27 cm height difference on the couple can be called “the most adorable height difference”, can be put on the ice dance is some incongruous.Competent authorities to find two people to talk, but Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu attitude is firm, will not give up each other, the two people also made a promise: for the dream of holding hands do not let go!Guided by their dreams, they won the national Figure skating Championship in 2014.They ranked 19th at the 2015 Figure Skating World Championships with a total score of 128.77.Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu won gold MEDALS in Sapporo Asian Winter Games in 2017.The 16th place of 2017 Figure Skating World Championships in Helsinki, Finland;Ranked 15th in the Saitama World Championships in 2019;Together with the 12th place in this Winter Olympics, they have been striving to refresh the “best ice dance in history” of China.The result alone may not be enough for this pair to make the cut, but the small details on and off the field are far too sweet.Play two people hand in hand before moving forward, operating frequency is like a man: the game often have a fixed link is two people loving each other, or a warm hug to each other, even more than the bad, there will be love hug and a tender touching someone kill: announced results when two people passionate hugs, next to the foreign coaches are whole won’t: the title, you have a gold medal, I own you:On the podium, the boy would pick up the girl and put her down gently, and then go on the stage by himself. In every interview, the boy would take care of the girl’s height and cheat on her in order to make the gap between her height look smaller.He calls her “motor” and she calls him “engine.” “Except for sleeping, we’ve been inseparable for 16 years,” Wang said.Can’t go on writing, in the words of net friends, they don’t get married, it’s really difficult to end.If the above two Chinese couples are still in the stage of people watching the fun, Shen Xue/Zhao Hongbo, known as the “No.1 couples in Chinese figure skating circle”, have already achieved success.In 1992, when zhao Hongbo was 19 years old, he became famous in the figure skating circle. His female partner quit due to physical reasons, and shen Xue became his new partner at the age of 14.Both of them felt bad for the first time, and it took them three years to really blend together. Their achievements made steady progress, and they soon became world-class.In 2002, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo teamed up to win the gold medal in pairs skating at the World Championships, which was the first gold medal for a Chinese in figure skating history.Outside the competition, some people reported that the two were in love, but Shen xue/Zhao Hongbo kept it very close and insisted that they were not in love.Zhao also stressed that he did not have a girlfriend, shen xue is “sister”.When Zhao injured his Achilles tendon in 2005, Shen took care of him all the time, and the news of their love spread like wildfire in the media.After saying “I love you” in English, Zhao pulled out a ring and suddenly got down on one knee to propose. Shen seemed to have lost her mind when she got down on both knees.Amid the cheers and greetings from the audience, the two made an official announcement to the world.The two have been successful in their competitions, but not in the Olympics.In Salt Lake City in 2002, they missed the quadruple throw, which was the most important feature of the winter Olympics.Another bronze medal at the 2006 Turin Olympics because of injuries.After winning the 2007 world championships, they took a break from the ice to attend figure skating shows in the United States.Before the Vancouver Winter Olympics began, two people back, at this time two people’s mentality, technical action, performance and other aspects have been like painting.Sure enough, at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the couple broke world records to win China’s first Olympic figure skating gold medal.It also broke the Russian team’s 46-year stranglehold on the sport at 12 consecutive Winter Olympics.They announced their retirement after winning the gold medal.Shen Xuesheng is the first president of Chinese Figure Skating Association and deputy secretary of Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee (part-time).After years of training, Zhao hongbo has become the head coach of Chinese figure skating, with Sui Wenjing/Han Cong as his apprentice.Their daughter, Xue ‘er Zhao, 9, is a talented figure skater who has won several junior competitions.Perhaps in a few years, a new figure skating star will put the finishing touch on this ice romance.▲ Xue Shen, Hongbo Zhao, a family of three 4./ Why do people who practice double figure skating fall in love easily?In the history of The Chinese pairs skating team, there is still a pair of skaters who have achieved success — Pang Qing/Tong Jian.They are almost the same generation as Shen xue/Zhao Hongbo.In the shadow of the first pair, they still won three gold MEDALS and one silver medal in the Olympic Games. They have participated in 4 Olympic Games and 16 World Championships for 17 seasons in their career, leaving a strong mark in the history of Chinese figure skating.At the beginning of their cooperation, neither of them looked at each other. They practiced hand in hand on the ice and ignored each other on the ice. They played their own games and even did not speak to each other for a week because of disagreements during training.As the saying goes, do not hit do not know each other, gradually two people cooperate gradually into a good situation, not common good achievement is obtained on the achievement, two people on the feeling also warms up gradually.Before the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Tong Jian announced on TV that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and then asked Pang Qing, “Can I say this?”Draw pang Qing and spot a piece of laughter.They married in 2011 and have a son and a daughter.After retirement, they established Asia’s largest single ice center named after them, which has become an important base for national talent selection. It is said that they earn at least 10 million yuan a year.Flower skating since ancient times out of CP, and give you amway a few pairs of foreign ice fairy relatives.The most legendary love story in figure skating comes from the Russian pair Ekaterina and Sergei, whose tragic love story was filmed in the documentary “My Sergei”, which drew many tears.In 1982 yekaterina, a sweet and gentle 11-year-old, was paired with Sergei, a tall and handsome 15-year-old, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.In 1988, they won the Olympic Gold medal. In 1989, Sergei confessed to Ekaterina and they got together.The couple married in the United States in April 1991, and a daughter was born shortly after.On November 20, 1995, the two men were training on the ice as usual in preparation for the Winter Olympics when Sergei began to feel unwell.The wife came forward to ask, Sergei comfort Yekaterina is ok, but turned to fall on the ice……In the end, sergei died because his rescue efforts failed.At the funeral, Catherine looked somber, as if she had lost her soul.Three months later, at an event, she glided alone on the ice, arms outstretched, arms no longer strong enough to support her. She was 23.Figure skaters’ romances tend to be obscure for fear of being spoiled by media coverage, but there are also those who sprinkle sugar on the ice.American figure skaters Knierim and his wife often show off their love during competitions, all-you-can-eat dog food.The pair aren’t exactly childhood partners — Chris was 25 and Alexa was 21 when they first teamed up in 2012.But their relationship quickly blossomed and the pair began dating within a month, got engaged in 2014 and married in 2016.The two end almost every game with a passionate kiss, which is one of the most beautiful sights on the court.He once said, humorously, that skating is not for scores or other people’s judgment, but for each other.Figure skaters usually start to pair up at the age of ten. They are childhood sweethearts and have a lot of movements and contact in training competitions. It is better to have a tacit understanding of mutual trust and mutual achievement.Coupled with the fact that figure skating often performs the theme of love in the competition, the two not only need skillful movements but also convey emotions, which can be said to cultivate the soil of love at the right time, right place and right people.Therefore, it is not difficult to understand more couples skating.There are plenty of famous couples, ex-couples, and even more ethereal affairs in the history of pairs skating, adding a lot of off-court interest to this unique sport.Never with talent and beauty, only envy mandarin duck not envyimmortal.Who are the next couple?

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