Hunan Junior college held the annual summary of innovation and entrepreneurship work commendation and cultivation project promotion meeting

Conference site.Rednet moment Changde March 14 – (correspondent Xiao Lingzi) On the afternoon of March 10, hunan junior college innovation and entrepreneurship work annual summary commendation and cultivation project promotion meeting was held in the video conference room.Gao Jinping, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president, zeng Jiankun, member of the Party Committee and vice president attended the meeting.The conference made a comprehensive summary of the innovation and entrepreneurship work of the university in 2021, and proposed that the focus of this year’s work is to accelerate the construction of college students’ entrepreneurship incubation base, and drive professional teachers to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship with professional teaching practice research.The secretaries of each school stated the innovation and entrepreneurship measures of the school this semester, and indicated that in the future work, based on the professional characteristics of the school, they would deeply explore and focus on cultivating high-quality projects, optimize the service guidance system, regularly open entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship lectures, integrate resources from all parties, and create a positive campus atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship.Then, the deputy secretaries of each school briefly introduced the key cultivation programs of innovation and entrepreneurship of the school.The meeting pointed out that all colleges should pool their wisdom and efforts to accurately cultivate high-quality projects, and suggested that “targeting the target and reaching into the target market” for the cultivation of key projects.Zeng jiankun interpreted the policy documents of the Universities and emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation.He pointed out that the key cultivation projects should not only pay attention to their economic benefits but also pay attention to the social impact. He believed that each college should have a clear goal, update the concept, with trans-boundary thinking, integration thinking, forward-looking thinking and grounding thinking, and put forward the requirements of breakthroughs and bright spots for the future work.Gao Jinping combined with their own experience, told the story of the academy’s entrepreneurial development.Citing the famous educator Tao Xingzhi’s life education theory that “action is the beginning of knowledge and knowledge is the result of action”, the paper encourages young teachers to grow up in practice, and gives some suggestions and directions for combining local characteristics with skills.At the meeting, awards were also given to the winning projects of hunan Province consumption Help sales Competition, outstanding departments of innovation and entrepreneurship of the school and individuals.The successful holding of the conference on innovation and entrepreneurship created a strong atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, became a new starting point to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in our school, and provided strong support and guarantee for the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship platform for Hunan junior college.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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