Luancheng District party Committee organization department to the district broad party members proposal

Sincerely contact the masses to serve the masses as “close friends” — to the broad party members of the district proposal the broad party members of the district comrades: At the beginning of the New Year, vientiane update.On the occasion of the approaching of the Spring Festival, the Organization Department of the District Party Committee extends high respect and festive greetings to all party members in the district.In 2021, the district party committee and government under the strong leadership of the broad masses of party members in earnestly implement the party “1 + 10” grid system in service to people, the heart hard with emotion ties with the masses, publicity, and serve the masses gathered power, in the epidemic prevention and control, rural living environment improvement, private and build and rectification of illegal buildings in the center has made a positive contribution.In order to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and promote the in-depth development of party members’ service to the masses, the broad party members of the whole district are now issued the following proposal: take the initiative to visit the masses.The general party members must fully understand the party member “1 + 10” grid connection services the significance, contents and requirements of the masses, make full use of the traditional Spring Festival holiday, visiting ties with the masses, send a holiday blessing, detailed understanding of the family population, mobility, living conditions, disease prevention and control, such as the actual situation, especially to do a good job of screening cold-chain home personnel,Truly thorough, clear, accurate, do know the root, dynamic control, timely feedback.Extensive publicity and mobilization of the masses.It is necessary to actively publicize the policies and requirements of the higher authorities, educate and guide the public to consciously do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, promote social righteousness and spread positive energy in society through various forms such as household publicity, clear and white paper distribution and wechat push.To create a rich and peaceful festival atmosphere, we should extensively publicize the banning of fireworks, low-carbon travel, healthy living, and civilized new customs during festivals.Enthusiastic to help and serve the masses.Should combine the “five will visit five will ask” (difficult people will visit, will ask clothing, food and warm, rich people will visit, will ask rich experience, a whole old cadre will visit, will ask development solutions, petitioners will visit, will ask things wrong, his staff will visit, will ask the employment status quo) and other activities, active ties with the masses, understand the requirements, solicit opinions from the masses, respond to the demands,We will help the people solve their urgent problems and worries, enhance their sense of gain, happiness and security, and win their trust and support with concrete results.It is the duty of every Communist party member to keep close contact with the masses.Let us take active action, conscientiously perform their duties, sincerely contact the service of the masses, when the masses “close to”, establish a good image of party members, let the party flag flying high at the grassroots level, to accelerate the comprehensive construction of modern economic strong area, beautiful Luancheng contribution force.Shijiazhuang Luancheng District Party Committee Organization Department January 27, 2022 edited by Yue Lin source/District Party Committee Organization Department

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