“Original” poetry Wan Liyun | New Year miscellaneous poems (rules first 12)

A spring breeze embroidered brocade Yin, cold rain trapped idle people.The disdainful plum knot friends, play sparrow neighbors.Welcome the new with the lamp, remember the old warm lonely body.When xu Feifei snow, invite willow spring.Two spring wake up drunk lingering, xinjing xiao day.Candlelight shade, the cold moon on.When the bell rings, spare no time to ask years.Open the window to welcome auspicious, spring wakes up xuemei Yan.Three years old to be pregnant with residual dream, goose to have been.Ziguo empty hate, plum solution acacia.Nine cliff head qiao, early spring has been dark peep.Apart from a ridge snow, love cut diffuse poetry.Four dream hold farewell today evening, rain dream hold.Frost forest startled Du Yu, snow dance to the window.Tiger roar cold, cattle tillage no sunset smoke.Pour bosom head fu, ya Xing xin.Five firecracker love flavor with the sound of cooking, carnival secular chun.Auspicious atmosphere invades ancient city, firecracker spreads the world.A paper fire ban, fireworks several complaints.Misty rain lonely city, think of old dream pester.Six listen to snow wind swept water beat dike, frost grass desolate.The clouds knead the moon and sink to the west.Lon-chen rustling, pine MAO crane secluded habitat.To fu cold snow, empty mountain eyes.Seven explore the plum (gu Yan ge) last night rain have, re-enter the garden today.Incense is still rhyme, vomit rui drunk poetry soul.Jade dust without shadow, find fang road marks.Listen to the plum blossom language, visitors to the spring cry.Eight Shu Plum tree cliff before standing, muscle yiyun containing.Root root wu Ling soil, shadow drag Nine dragon Pool.Hui Fu smoke, leaning against the jade fence.Qiongtai pity bone thin, smiling proud winter cold.Nine bosom friend time urges a person old, wing huai old memory deposit.Wind pull children fortunate, rain zhuo old house.Study hard in the third month, the way million horses run.In pass ruler element, difficult to wipe acacia marks.Ten huaichun bell ring heart is difficult to static, take fu yue zhao fei.Frozen clouds attack smoke trees, frost graupel show off.The wine reward qing Emperor, huaichun hope Yan return.Sentimental fold qi language, wechat flying all over the sky.Eleven New Year’s Eve sing good night dream is appropriate, drum drum urge sign not to wait.Four seas jiahua spring unconsciously, Kyushu festival has a good time.Sweet mash words old thousand jiayue, Song Fu xinhuxi million.Ask the long history of flourishing, the human month knowing.Twelve years old feelings farewell at the old diffuse sing, callcallal for spring and how.Candle incense residual temples old, fly frost sword horizontal grinding language.All over the sky thoughts condensate lamp, put the month chi huai feeling shabby.Good dream is round talk into wine, tonight when drunk with the wind song.Wan Liyun, formerly engaged in enterprise management in state-owned enterprises, deputy high title.After retirement, affinity poetry, love to recite.Yue admire ancient rhyme, the heart has converted.

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