Rain has been falling, today, the city of Jinan Yin small to moderate rain

Jinan Meteorological Station on March 25, 2022 at 06 PM sub-county forecast: today’s daytime overcast with small to moderate rain, precipitation probability of 90%, turning overcast at night, north wind 3 ~ 4 gusts 6, today’s highest temperature 12℃.It will be cloudy during the day and at night tomorrow, the south wind will turn to the north wind level 3 ~ 4 gusts level 6 ~ 7, the lowest temperature in the morning will be about 1℃ in Jiyang District, Shanghe County and Nanshan District, and there will be frost, the urban area and other districts and counties will be about 4℃, and the highest temperature will be about 19℃ tomorrow.On the 27th, it was sunny and cloudy, and the north wind turned to south wind level 3 ~ 4. The lowest temperature was 3 ~ 5℃, and the highest temperature was about 14℃.Source channel integrated jinan meteorological service edit | | jinan hoe

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