Weifang property market, falling half a year, the middle strong weak surrounding, 40,000 sets of inventory where to go

Key words: continuous decline, 40,000 inventory, 9.38 million population, property market cold.As one of the cities in central Shandong, Weifang has a good geographical position and is connected with Qingdao.In addition, the environment is also very good, the air quality is good, suitable for living life.However, Weifang has a population of 9.38 million and a GDP of more than 700 billion, which has injected impetus into the development of the local property market.In theory, such an environment, as well as the size of the population, economic aggregate, is a good property market.But instead, Weifang’s property market has taken a ski run over the past year.So, we first take a look at the current situation of the property market in Weifang.According to Anjuke data, the average price of second-hand houses on sale is 6,922 yuan/ping, down 1.2%.Specific districts and counties housing prices are as follows: by the open area, 6307 yuan/flat, down 0.4%.Kuiwen, 7,791 yuan/ping, down 0.8%.Weicheng, 6117 yuan/ping, up 0.06%.Fangzi, 6343 yuan/ping, down 1.5%.Hanting, 6566 yuan/ping, down 0.6%.Shouguang, 7901 yuan/ping, down 0.49%.Zhucheng, 7,240 yuan/ping, down 1.2%.Anqiu, 5,255 yuan/ping, down 1.4%.Qingzhou, 7799 yuan/ping, unchanged.Gaomi, 6,718 yuan/ping, up 0.18%.Changle, 5,550 yuan/ping, unchanged.Changyi, 6520 yuan/ping, down 1.7%.Linqu, 6820 yuan/ping, up 0.4%.Xiashan District, 7901 yuan/ping, down 1.49%.From the housing price chart, weifang’s property market over the past year, starting from June, all the way down, and then chattering, continuous decline for half a year.Only in February did calm return.From the analysis of the map, the central area of the housing price is hot, the housing price is relatively high, the surrounding district and county housing price is low, the transaction is depressed, showing a strong in the middle and weak around the situation.By district, prices rose in only three districts, fell in nine and were unchanged in the remaining two.Rise less fall more is the current situation of the housing market.So, why does weifang’s property market appear so depressed?There are three main points;1. Large inventory.According to shell network data, there are currently 35, 000 second-hand housing listings.With the entire network, there’s at least 40, 000 in storage.This is still the data of second-hand houses, if you add the data of new houses, it is far more than that.Therefore, Weifang property market is facing the pressure of destocking.In the past two years, the policy has been advocated, one city one policy to reduce inventory, but the effect is not good.The pressure of each city only increases, weifang is the same.2. The impact of the epidemic.At present, the epidemic is still not completely dissipated, many enterprises are affected, difficult to start, the operation is trapped, then, the common people are also affected, their income is less, everyone is working hard for life.Where is the money to buy or speculate?This year, Weifang’s GDP grew in nominal terms, but declined a lot compared with the same period last year. In addition, prices rose, materials rose, especially mining aluminum. Basically, it can be said that people’s purchasing power did not rise, but declined.Therefore, the epidemic is affecting economic development, and economic development is also affecting the development of the property market.They both rise and fall together.3. The impact of housing price regulation.The whole country is facing adjustment, housing is not speculation is always the keynote, housing price regulation around this theme.The news woke up a lot of home buyers, especially tenants, let them know that the past closed their eyes to buy a rich era, has gone forever.Weifang is also affected in this way.Weifang’s housing price control is to provide interest, provide the proportion of the down payment, strictly check the source of the down payment, as well as the purchase and sale of multiple suites.To sum up, it is weifang property market cold reasons.Therefore, in the housing market without obvious signs of warming, the purchase of guests to be careful to enter the market, once set, will be difficult to solve the set.Above is weifang property market analysis, what is your view?Welcome to exchange.This is Lao Bei Shufang.

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