Yulin launched the “road traffic safety education into the campus” activity

To improve jurisdiction students’ traffic safety consciousness and their ability to prevent, prevent the happening of the student accidents, a few days ago, yulin city public security bureau traffic police detachment directly under two police brigade organization propaganda to jurisdiction by chardonnay elementary school actively carry out the “road traffic safety education into the campus” campaign, had a vivid and interesting for the teachers and students in school compulsory course for traffic safety.In the activity, the brigade of police through the road traffic safety lecture class, case display boards, safety brochures, warning banners and other ways, to the teachers and students do not take overmanned vehicles, tricycles and crossing the road to “stop, look and pass” and other traffic safety knowledge.At the same time, combined with some recent traffic accident cases, explain the hidden risks caused by running red lights, chasing, jaywalking, climbing the road guardrail and other behaviors, so that students can realize the harm and legal consequences of traffic violations.(Yulin Daily reporter Zeng Weidong correspondent Chen Shiyun) Editor in charge: Huang Yingjie

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