Gu Ailing, a Chinese winter Olympics athlete, was stumped by the English translation of the leek box

While the Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing, there are also a lot of fun things to do.For example, Chinese contestant Gu Ailing met an interesting problem. When she was eating a leek box, she was asked by foreign journalists what she was eating.I didn’t know how to translate “leek box” into English.’My English is finished today,’ Ms. Gu said with a smile.If according to the simplest way, is to separate “Leek” and “Box”, translate “Leek” and “Box” separately, and then combine together Leek Box.However, this translation is not very accurate, because the translation of “leek box” is different from that of fried leek dumpling.So, which translation method do you think is correct and accurate?The Chinese language is extensive and profound, and differs greatly from English in both word meaning and grammar.Therefore, it is not easy for people who are not particularly proficient in English grammar to accurately translate “leek box” into English.Therefore, it is no wonder that Gu Ailing was questioned by foreign journalists.Also, many Chinese words do not necessarily translate into English.Below, out of a few questions, ge Liao Gou, corners, winding, pimple, beefy, burning, dull eyebrow chuyan eye, shy eyebrow tuo eye, on the skin, shoetuzi.How many of the above ten words can you translate into English?Test everyone’s English level, hope you can participate in the translation try.

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