More than 20,000 yuan of cash was burned carelessly, songjiang Agricultural Bank counted for more than 2 hours, only the word “more” did not “recover”

The 20,000 yuan of cash accumulated by the elderly in the home was burned carelessly. A while ago, Mr. Huang, a citizen, walked into the hall of the Agricultural Bank of Shanghai Songjiang East expenditure and asked the staff for help.Finally, Mr. Huang successfully exchanged 20,000 yuan, the largest degree to restore the loss.// It turned out that the fire was caused by the improper use of electric blankets by the elderly at home, and more than 20,000 yuan of cash stored under the blankets was also affected.After listening to Mr. Huang’s story, the Agricultural Bank of China branch immediately started the green channel, on the premise of not affecting other customers to deal with business, manpower for Mr. Huang to sort out the money.Due to the large number of residual coins, and the serious carbonization and deformation of paper money, it increases the difficulty of counting.They were carefully separated and pasted to make sure they didn’t suffer secondary damage.At the same time, contact the cash operation center staff of Songjiang Sub-branch to assist in verifying these RMB, and patiently explain to Mr. Huang the exchange amount of each residual coin.After more than two hours of efforts, the staff finally cleared up more than 20,000 yuan of residual currency, and successfully exchanged a total of 20,000 yuan for Mr. Huang.”This money is the old man’s frugal savings, thank you so much.”After receiving the exchange of RMB, Mr. Huang said gratefully.Bank staff reminded the public that cash must be properly kept, try not to store a large amount of cash at home, and pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity.Fu Jing Correspondent Gu Wanjing Agricultural Bank of China Shanghai Songjiang Sub-branch photo editor: Yang Lu Xu Ping GUI Kexin Shangguan number author: Shanghai Songjiang

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