Music essay: The Beauty of Women

The Beauty of A Woman The Beauty of a Woman The Beauty of a woman is a beautiful landscape.People praise the beauty of a woman, nothing more than from the appearance of beautiful, beautiful figure, noble identity, temperament is unique, then complete the value of a woman.In fact, the value of women is much more than that.The beauty of a woman, no need to carve, simple ordinary good.Cultured woman, does not depend on the appearance of youth beautiful beautiful, also is not the noble dress up.Beauty, should be a kind of temperament that reveals immanently, more any elegant jewelry adornment does not come out.Beauty is the latent power contained in the bone, just like the aged jade, which does not need to be elaborately carved, but the precipitation is extremely warm and transparent.Women such as flowers, after all can not afford the waste of time, will eventually old.However, the elegance is like old wine, cellared with time, mellow with age.What kind of woman you are does not depend on your wealth and status, nor does it depend on your appearance and environment, but rather comes from your own cultivation and human attitude.There is no inherent nobility, there is no inherent temperament charm, cultivation and connotation is absolutely important.Dignity is the unique beauty of a woman.If a woman wants to gain people’s respect and appreciation, she must perfect her personality.Do an ordinary woman external need not be as beautiful as flowers, in the vast sea of people do ordinary drop of water can.You don’t have to be fancy or pretentious to impress the opposite sex.No need to disguise themselves, do not pretend to be pure, content, state of mind quietly elegant, some of the best independent self-confidence.In any atmosphere, no sensationalism, know their own needs, even in the corner, also no noise, can quietly do their own.Intellectual, emotional, heart often good thinking, real, put an end to hypocrisy.Indifferent, all worldly feelings, all the force majeure.I know that to do a good job as a woman, I also need to do some repairs.Remember the N power at home, White Baihe said such a word.I am cheap, therefore I am.I used to laugh and think she was degrading the status of women and belittling myself.Today, careful aftertaste, feel not without reason.The mean that the play said, refers to the lowly status, by those who think that the high status of the dignity trampled on, so as to lose themselves.The same commonality occurs in real society.Women, should live with dignity, should not lose themselves.I am cheap, therefore I am.A woman who knows the sense of shame would rather be lonely than humble to the dust in exchange for material and spiritual comfort. If she fell to such a level, then she would lose the minimum dignity. Who still values you?A woman who is confident and calm is the most beautiful.The big man do things open and aboveboard, vigorous, small women should also calm not hypocritical, do not lack of confidence in women, do not pray for anything that does not belong to their own.Living proudly, living with dignity and being a man with backbone is the basis of being human.Understand the profound meaning of a man of lofty ideals who does not drink the water of a stolen spring and a man of probity who does not eat contempt, and become the coordinate of life.A good attitude, a confident smile, meaningful into the milestone of life.Lack of self-confidence, who can value you?Too humble, who will look up to you?There is no wonderful life, only go out of the mediocre personal world.A woman who is heavy in love and righteousness is the most beautiful scenery.A woman’s life to have a lot of emotional experience, including affection, love, friendship.Man is not vegetation, which can be ruthless?In the accumulation of years, women from the girl’s innocence, romance, green gradually mature.Slowly learn to care for relatives, considerate lover, love around friends, these are a kind of emotional performance.However, the most important thing in a woman’s life is love.In love and marriage, women are always the best debaters and the most likely to be irrational.Processing emotions, no lack of unruly, capricious, extreme irrationality, but also no lack of tenderness, tolerance comity.Women heavy friendship, understand the shame, amorous, do not love, otherwise will fall into the emotional vortex, unable to extricate themselves.Men and women make up the world, and reproduction is conserved.If a woman’s emotional world is a river, full of infinite worry, and always inadvertently ups and downs, the waves or twists and turns, refused to rest.Then compare a man to a bridge!The river flows slowly, where there are Bridges, there are footprints of different depths, which make the dry natural scenery beautiful.In this way, bridge, quietly watch, waiting for the wind to blow, the water to accompany the lonely journey, will also show the mind.The river is winding, the pontoon is lonely and silent, and the two need to read each other’s feelings quietly before they can merge into one world.To put it another way, in the emotional world, women who value their feelings always crave their partner’s attention, or care, in exchange for a place in their partner’s heart.Men said words she would not hesitate to remember a lifetime, not forget.Men can only remember women for a while, because the river is alive and always dries up or runs away, and you’re not the only woman crossing the bridge.One’s life is suitable for a lifetime of people, only the true feelings.Choose to lose each other’s feelings for a while, can only become in a hurry.Someone said, your world I have been, I have you all over the world, carefully aftertaste, is still in a hurry!Life in a hurry to walk, can leave a good memory of the people, only for the moment to have, no regrets accompany to the last person, to cast the eternal emotion.So, amorous woman, when be hurt by emotion, most choose to endure, few choose to leave.The emotional road that a woman goes through in her life is just a ladder to sharpen her maturity, and also a concrete expression for her to learn to have the courage to take responsibility.There are few but exemplary women who can hold back their emotions, who don’t wallow in the abyss, who don’t play with their emotions, who deal with them rationally.Intellectual woman has perfect temperament and connotation.Hui quality orchid heart, knowledgeable, is people’s appreciation of scholarly women.Abdominal poetry qi from China, to show the beauty of women, not only dress appropriately, good heart, more from the inner cultivation, from the interpretation of its temperament connotation of the fragrant scroll.No born beautiful woman, no born talent and accomplishment.A wise, quietly elegant, rich poetic woman, want to get people’s favor, only through the day after tomorrow experience, time burnish, can get their value.Such as blue and white porcelain vase, penetration into the bone of the United States.Quiet color, charming but not make public, simple but elegant but not grandiose, get rid of the soul of blue.Look forward to a smile, a volume of books with a lifetime, Bingxin proud not vulgar flow, not belittling oneself.I am not a beautiful woman, and I have nothing to be proud of.For life, I am just an ordinary person, a speck in the sea of people.I don’t want to put too much weight on my greatness, and I don’t want to underestimate myself.In the crowd, choose the ordinary world quietly do yourself, even if it is a drop of water.In life, be yourself, even if someone said I hypocritical.Women, do not need to over-package themselves, do not make halo too dazzling.Have a kind nature, sensitive feelings, soft heart, in the face of vanity applause into a smile, in the face of praise and flowers, not pride, but self-reflection, self-criticism, real look at the road under foot.Too much packaging, gilded body, jewelry, flattery, fame and wealth, books, monuments, too much desire.Only by cultivating the mind and returning to the true self is the final destination of human nature.Deeply know, great beauty, pay attention to harmony.The beauty of people lies in the purity of the heart.Good inside is better than good outside.If you want to have peace of mind, you must be pure of soul.Beautiful woman is like a work of art, wants to show its artistic beauty, from the creator itself, the inner cultivation, knowledge, thoughts, noble pursuit of art.Can learn to self-examine, self-criticize, or self-evaluate without missing an opportunity.Perhaps, can do these to the United States approached a step!Life is like a song reciting a woman through the years like poetry.Beautiful women face the passage of time, the waste of time, must precipitate a quietly elegant state of mind, such as water feelings, and a light fragrance.The incense is the aloes of the years, and the beauty is the beauty in the depths of the soul honed in years like water.Walking in the long road of life, the most beautiful woman, always pick up memories all the way, all the way to learn to bear the wind and rain.Happiness and pain sharpen the mind, hope and dream to achieve responsibility, success and failure to face calmly, learn to adapt to the environment and calmly.Precipitate their own mood, sublimate their repair, repeatedly temper themselves, polished into an indestructible fortress.In this process, we are leaving the fragrance of life, the best time and memories in the growth of the most beautiful years, so that the time is fragrant, so as to sublimate the individual.The aloes of those years came from the depths of the soul, and the fragrance of the heart came from the wind and rain all the way of life, polished and polished, and precipitated and precipitated…A woman has a dream.Through the heart of time and space, hanging in the distant Milky Way, write full time whisper, will be full of life.There is a river in a woman’s heart.She passed through the ravines of time, over the longitude and latitude of the season, through the footprints of time, flowing all the way of life song.Woman is the most beautiful scenery on earth, is also a lifetime read a good book, just need you into her soul, read carefully……Gou Shuqiu, columnist of “Reading Time”, member of Harbin Writers Association, member of Guangzhou Young Writers Association, special planner of Overseas Chinese Publishing House.Articles are scattered in newspapers and magazines.Years of Agarwood, a collection of personal essays, was published at public expense by Overseas Chinese Publishing House of China and distributed nationwide.Public account: Luomei Fenggu (ID: Jsym6688).Yingli Yifanlova, a number of network platform signed anchor, guest reader, interpretation of different themes of the text works.Honest and full of emotion, unique magnetic timbre, kind and natural style, more and more audience friends pay attention to and love.Lychee radio: FM1508207.Sijimeiwen (Four Seasons)

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