Take the subway to play these treasure parks in Chengdu (part 2)

Tazishan Park’s Wintersweet Pong xiang, Qinglong Lake is good for washing lungs — today, let’s continue to take the subway to visit the park!Tazishan Park is adjacent to the mountain and the water, and plants are arranged according to the situation. It has formed a small garden or forest belt of wintersweet, cedar, camphor and other plants, which is a good choice for leisure and play.● Take Metro Line 2, get off at Tazishan Park Station, walk about 900 meters;Or take metro Line 8, get off at Dongda Road Station, and walk about 1.2 kilometers to arrive.Xindugui Lake is an ancient artificial lake with beautiful scenery.Ming Zhengde Jiajing years, the famous scholar Yang Shengan often here to read and play, and “along the dike all over the plant osmanthus”, cultivate the landscape, the construction of gardens, the laurel lake has been famous.● Take subway Line 3, get off at Machao West Road station, and walk about 1.6 kilometers there.It is called the “green lung of the city”.The biggest highlight of the landscape design of the Lake district is the characteristic plants, “the moon and flowers are constantly, the scenery is different in four seasons”, the beautiful scenery is very out of the piece.● Take metro Line 4, get off at Chengdu University Station, walk more than 300 meters to arrive.Located in the south of the city, jiannan Avenue, gentle slope, green embankment, lawn, winding leisure walkway, wide pro level platform, the breeze blowing, water sparkling.Jincheng Lake with four lakes is full of beautiful scenery.● Take Metro Line 5 and Line 9, get off at Jincheng Avenue Station (exit D), and walk about 1.3 kilometers to arrive.It is located in the south bank of Jinjiang River at the east gate of Chengdu. It is famous at home and abroad for its historical relics, such as wangjiang Building group, Xue Tao Memorial Hall, a famous poetess in tang Dynasty, and all kinds of exotic bamboo.At present, by the jinjiang side of the red plum is in full bloom.● Take subway Line 6, get off at Sanguantang Station, and walk about 1.3 kilometers;Take subway Line 8, get off at Donghu Park Station, walk about 1.2 kilometers to arrive.”Take Chenghua Avenue to Erxian Bridge” — I believe you are familiar with this sentence.So what about erxian Bridge?Erxian Bridge Park is certainly not to be missed.The park has retained and re-laid part of the railway tracks, and has also set up a feature landscape in the original unloading booth location.● Take metro Line 7, get off at Balizhuang Station, walk more than 600 meters to arrive.Step into the East Lake Park, I saw the road on both sides of all kinds of vegetation full of vitality.The square paved with a 45-degree diagonal line to guide the flow of people, people can view the lake in the tiered viewing platform, the line of sight is transparent, take in everything in a glance.● Take Metro Line 8, get off at Donghu Park Station, and walk about 300 meters to arrive.Jinhuaqiao Street is located in the southern part of the ecological area around the city, which is an important node of jincheng Greenway.There are nearly 300 kinds of plants in the park, with 200 mu of four seasons flower island and 1 million plants of various flowers.● Take Metro Line 9 or line 10, get off at Huaxing Station, walk about 1 km to arrive.The exterior of danjing terrace is metallic orange, and the whole building spirals upward, looking like an eye from the air.The middle part is inlaid with the sun bird pattern.Follow the spiral wooden path to the viewing platform, where the open view and breeze come in.As far as the eye can see the complete Sancha Lake.For now, it’s still a garden party.● Take Metro Line 18, get off at Sancha Station (exit C), then transfer to Bus No. 13 east, and you will arrive after 3 stops.During the epidemic, everyone should also do a good job of epidemic prevention measures!Chengdu Metro Chengdu Daily · Jinguan news reporter Yuan Hong editor Wang Ling proofread Li Min

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