Tang Yongju: Why isn’t the video number popular?

In the second half of last year, Tencent officials desperately promoted the video account, saying that it is a pity to miss douyin Kuaishou, because the video account will be more popular!Many people also believe that video number will definitely fire, have to catch up with the first wave of video number cash ticket, how is it now?Did it go viral?Not at all.There are many reasons to judge whether the video number can be popular and why it can’t be popular. There are also many expert analyses, but I think the key is one: where do the topics, hot spots and video bodies in today’s society come from?How many of them came from the video number?The origin of this kind of hot spot was Weibo in the past, but now it is Douyin. Is there a video number?Is it too weak?This is the video number fire can not create the root cause of deepening.Private domain flow is very important, but this public domain has no influence, want to call the wind and rain in private domain, sell goods for cash, is not reliable, wechat business has proven with blood and tears experience.(shenzhen is the best policy marketing planning, Tang Yongju) content links: Tang Yongju brand is the best policy: https://v.douyin.com/eLaUmw4/ video, why not fire up?

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