The Chinese women’s team has won the World Cup, and the Chinese men’s team has been questioned to learn from the women’s team

Beijing, Feb 4, 2022 — China’s goalkeeper saved two penalties in the semi-final of the Asian Women’s Cup after coming back from two goals down and going to a penalty shootout.In the final, The Chinese women’s football team will face the challenge of the Korean women’s football team, who can be said to be the Newark of the Korean women’s football team. This time, the Chinese women’s football team has a great chance to lift the Asian Cup championship again.Throughout the match, because the king cannot frost injury, the Chinese women’s team in the case of the king’s star cream less, still in every fight, don’t give up, even behind overtime 103 minutes lost the ball, and then the 119th minute absolutely flat, enough to see that the Chinese women’s team has a strong psychological quality, and think of the Chinese men’s soccer, as long as one lost the ball, instantly become fragmented.So when the Chinese women’s team eliminated before the World Cup champions Japan into the final, again by the Chinese football fans, fans said, with a high salary, Chinese football eat sea cucumber, live in high-grade hotels, equipped with professional chefs, achievement is horrible, a lot of fans called for Chinese football to dissolve, and then put all of the money in the development of women’s football,Because only women’s football can make us look good.Of course, no matter what, we still hope that The Chinese men’s football team can learn more from the Chinese women’s football team.

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